Heartland production unveils a new single on popular music streaming platforms

New song, 'The Truth Don't Lie" was created for Heartland Season 16. Here's everything we know about it.

The new track was created for the latest episode of the show

This past Sunday, popular Canadian TV series Heartland featured a new song in the series' latest episode.  This normally wouldn't be unusual as music is often featured in the series.

However, episode 1613's new song hits a little differently.

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The song, titled "The Truth Don't Lie" was produced by Russell Broom, who has previously worked with Jann Arden, Art Bergmann and Jason McCoyk to name a few. 

Shaun Johnson, who plays "Grandpa Jack" on Heartland wrote the music and performed the song - with lyrics by Mark Haroun, a writer on the series -  along with cast members Amber Marshall and Baye McPherson.  Johnston also brought along some of his friends for the performance, which makes it 'extra special' for him. 

Johnston remarked behind-the-scenes that his friends are "A bonafide professional band called The Lovebullies." Watch the full episode to see The Lovebullies full performance with the Heartland cast.

And here's a look behind-the-scenes of the making of this exclusive song:

Watch until the end to see a little bit extra from The Lovebullies. 

You can also get the song by itself on Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify.

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