Heartland family dinners and Season 14 first look round-up

Today, I recap some season 14 resources and talk about Heartland fantasy dinner parties.

Hey Heartland fans!  I know that many of our friends in the USA haven't quite made it through Heartland Season 14 yet, so I thought I would drop the full Youtube playlist of the Season 14 previews, promos, first looks and other videos.  

• Watch the entire playlist here

Once you reach episode 3 and 4 (have you got there yet?), you will definitely want to check out the Chris Potter guest blog where he talks about his roles as a cast member AND a director for the episode. 

Here are some previews for the episodes directed by Chris Potter:

Hey, if you follow Heartland on Twitter, you might have seen a recent poll asking which character from Heartland that you would like to have a meal and a glass of wine with.  If you don't follow Heartland on Twitter, please do!

I can tell from the comments on this tweet that fans had a hard time choosing just one and, while Amy and Jack were the popular choices, and featured in the poll (I didn't have enough poll choices to include everyone), fans would really love to have the entire extended family as their dinner company.  And I can hardly blame them.  Who wouldn't want to sit down and enjoy a family dinner with our favourite characters from Heartland?

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That said other answers included Mallory, Mitch was popular, and a few people even chose Spartan.  I guess you could hangout for a meal with him, and maybe a trail ride after?

Once in awhile an unusual suggestion was made, maybe by me, to poke the bear a little (haha!) and I would get a firm but respectable answer.

If you didn't catch that poll, which Heartland character would YOU like to have a meal with? I could pick Amy or Jack or Tim or Lou, but I think I want to live a little on the fringe, just for this blog, and say Mrs. Bell.  I bet it would be lovely and I might just get a jar of jam as well.