How to connect with Heartland online

A round up of social media accounts and sources of official Heartland content online.

Today I give you a roundup of Heartland social media resources


When I am coming up with a topic for the Thursday blog each week, I typically write about something that I have recently talked about with fans, colleagues and/or friends. This week I have been working on post-season 14 documentation and reports on activity surrounding our official social media channels.  

Watch Heartland on CBC Gem for Free

Some of the data I've collected suggests that a lot of the readers of this blog don't find us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but, instead, find us by searching for Heartland (and the blog!) on Google. 

Because of that, I thought this might be a good time to list some of our social media channels and some others that I think you might like to follow for Heartland information. This isn't a complete list, but it should be a good page to bookmark if you are looking for something Heartland-related and can't quite remember where to find it.

First up: The official CBC social media channels

(Heartland on Facebook)

"Heartland on CBC" social media channels are where you should look for the best up-to-date information about the series.  If you hear about something and aren't sure weather it's true or not, check with us on these channels.  The official CBC channels have the most accurate information about show news such as renewals, schedules, trailers and teasers, etc. Find us on the following platforms:

Facebook: Check here for the latest blog updates, news and links to Heartland content - The Official Heartland Facebook Channel

Twitter: The latest news and updates appear here as well but this is also where I try my best to interact with Heartland fans. If you are trying to get me to see you, your best bet is to tweet a message to @heartlandoncbc. Follow us: @HeartlandonCBC

Instagram: Fun content shared from the official account and re-shared from cast and crew.  Also, you can find IGTV versions of most of the video we share on Youtube here as well, especially the weekly "First Look". Follow us: @Official_HeartlandOnCBC 

Youtube: This is where we share almost all of our videos.  Find first looks, teasers, trailers, music videos and interviews on the Heartland Youtube channel. Subscribe and click the "bell" icon for notifications on the newest content! Subscribe: The Official Heartland on CBC Youtube Channel

The CBC TV Schedule: This is the place to see the timing of new episodes of Heartland, whether there is an episode this week and what repeat episodes are being broadcast through the day. Click Here for the schedule. 

CBC Gem: Watch any episode of Heartland on CBC Gem, anytime.  (Canada Only)

Follow the Cast


If you are interested in following the cast, here are some active accounts from the Heartland family:

Amber Marshall: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

Shaun Johnston: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

Michelle Morgan: Instagram / Twitter 

Aidan Moreno: Instagram / Twitter

Ava Tran: Instagram

Lucian-River Mirage Chauhan: Instagram

Alisha Newton: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

The Spencer Twins: Instagram / Facebook

Gabriel Hogan: Instagram / Twitter

Kevin McGarry: Instagram /  Twitter

Madison Cheeatow: Instagram / Twitter

Graham Wardle: Twitter / Instagram 

Megan Follows: Instagram / Twitter

Kerry James: Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

Jordan Burtchett: Twitter / Instagram

Michelle Nolden: Twitter / Instagram

Winnifred Jong (Director): Twitter / Instagram

Ken Filewych (Editor): Twitter / Instagram

Michael Weinberg (Executive Producer): Instagram

Did I miss anyone?  If there is anyone or anything you think I missed in the list, please let me know and I'll add them! Have a great weekend! 

PS: Bonus points if you can tell me what episode of Heartland the first image on this blog is from!