Amy must get back to her Miracle Girl roots

In Sunday's new episode, Amy must get back to her Miracle Girl roots and host her first horse clinic in over a year. What will she do?

What will she do? Find out this Sunday on CBC and CBC Gem.

Amber Marshall as Amy in Heartland Season 14, Episode 6 (Heartland)

This weekend, there is another new episode of Heartland coming to CBC and CBC Gem. The new episode is called "The New Normal" and, in it, a group of wild horses need new homes, and Amy must get back to her Miracle Girl roots and host her first horse clinic in over a year. 

"Her Miracle Girl roots!" You definitely don't want to miss this one. It's an important step for Amy to keep her life moving forward and to get back to the work she cares so much about. What do you think she will do?  Here's a little preview of what's coming this weekend: 

It's a little like a whirlwind of a dream to have watched Heartland's story unfold in 219 episodes over 14 seasons (220 if you include the Holiday special). But it's always there when I need it. And there is more to come. Did you happen to watch the latest episode of Heartland and, if you did, what did you think?


Has it been this long?

I've been feeling some nostalgia for the older seasons of Heartland recently and It's time for me to go back and revisit some of the stories and characters that I miss who are fading from my memory. It's been too long. 

If you are following the official Heartland social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you may have seen me mention that, during this week in 2008, we were a little more than halfway through Heartland season 1.  Back then, it was episode 12, "Rising From the Ashes"

Chris Potter as Tim and Amber Marshall as Amy in Heartland Season 1, Episode 12 (Heartland)

Have you seen it?

The synopsis: When one of the barns erupts into flames Jack is badly injured getting the horses to safety. Mallory is devastated and Lou and Amy are drawn together, terrified that they might lose their grandfather. When it starts to look like arson was the cause of the fire, Ty and Scott join forces with Tim Fleming to find the likely suspect and Jack finally offers Tim the olive branch of friendship.

It wasn't so long ago (just two weeks!) that we saw a new Heartland story about horses needing rescue from a fire/disaster, but this time it was Amy and Lily who were in the danger zone. Fortunately, they made it through unscathed.

I've noticed some new fans coming to find Heartland recently and it's made me revisit some of the older episodes of the series and, speaking of memory loss, I think it's time I go back and do a full re-watch from Heartland Season one.  It's been too long.  Anyone want to join me?  If you are in Canada you can watch the entire series on CBC Gem and I know for a fact that in the USA you can see the first 13 on Netflix.  How many seasons of Heartland can you get in your country?

That's all I have this week folks but there is something special coming your way in the very near future.  Oh did I say "Heartland giveaway" perhaps? I didn't?

Well now I did.

Keep your eye out on the Heartland social media channels (and on this blog) for some news about that very soon.  You won't be disappointed.