A little peek at the next episode of Heartland

A short recap and a peek into what's in store for the upcoming episode of Heartland.

Hey, Heartland fans!  What did you think about last week's cliffhanger? I know I, for one, was almost as startled as Jack was at the end of the episode. If you got a chance to read last week's blog before you watched, you will know that Chris Potter hinted at some of what's going on in his guest blog, so you should definitely check that out. He gives his insight on the story from his point of view as an actor in, and director of, these two episodes (1403 and 1404). 

As you may know, I've been posting the weekly previews and the "first looks" on the official Heartland Youtube channel. Our subscribers have been growing quickly this season but, of course, all are welcome to join us!  The best way to get new content on the channel is to make sure you subscribe and like/comment on the videos. 

Here's the preview for this week's new episode:

Here's a bit of a light social media piece I want to shine a light on: As you may know, executive producer Michael Weinberg has been sharing some of his fun and humorous interviews with the cast of Heartland and I love them! I've been reposting them on the Official Heartland Instagram account, but be sure to follow him for the latest episodes. 

That's all for today!  Short but sweet.  Don't forget to catch a new episode of Heartland this Sunday on CBC and CBC Gem at 7/7:30NT.