Got a question for the cast or the creators of Heartland?

I've got a big question for you this week!


Good day Heartlanders! Did you enjoy Amber Marshall's guest blog last week?

I'm going to do my best to have some even more guest blogs for you in the upcoming months. You're going to be quite surprised!

With that said -- I want to hear from you today in the comments... 

Do you have a question related to ANYTHING about the creation of Heartland? Now, I'm not necessarily looking for questions about when Heartland is going to be available in your country (such as the upcoming season 14) -- as you know, I don't have answers on that front. But what I can get for you is the answer for any questions you may have in regards to the making of the show! 

Curious about how the writers choose storylines? Curious about what goes into creating a costume for a character? Everything is on the table, so ask away in the comments, and I'll do my best to get answers for you in the upcoming blog posts. 

Thanks again for reading, and as always, watch the show anytime in Canada now on CBC Gem!