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Winning bidder for multimillion-dollar Gretzky card case says he's changed his mind

The winner of the multimillion-dollar case of 1979-1980 O-Pee-Chee hockey cards — the set that contains Wayne Gretzky's rookie card — says he no longer wants them and is trying to find them a "better home."

Chinese custom or suspicious sale? Judge questions debtor's sale of house to son for $1

When Hai Huang and his wife transferred ownership of their half-million-dollar home to his son for $1, the man to whom Huang owed $436,000 had questions. This week, a B.C. Supreme Court judge found the transfer of the home was a suspicious sale.

After community backlash, celeb chef David Chang will no longer enforce 'chili crunch' trademark

After days of criticism, celebrity chef David Chang said he will no longer enforce the trademark for his chili crunch condiment. 

Quadriplegic Quebec man chooses assisted dying after 4-day ER stay leaves horrific bedsore

'Whole story is a crying shame,' says advocate

WATCH | Trudeau's testimony on foreign interference

At Issue this week: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the foreign interference inquiry that he didn’t see all the available intelligence briefings — should Canadians be concerned? Meanwhile, will the government’s budget announcements be enough to sway young voters? Plus, Alberta moves to block municipalities from making deals with Ottawa.

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