Question answered - style inspiration?

Here's the first of many answers I have for your questions about CBC's Heartland.

Good day Heartlanders! Last week I asked for your questions about the production of Heartland, and boy did you deliver! 

So without further to do, today we'll kick things off with a question about wardrobe.

Krystle Santana asks "Hi, where does The inspiration for the fashion for Lou's and all the women characters n the show come from? Do the actors get a say in their stage outfits?"

Today's answer comes from Andre Ricard, Costume Designer:

"The inspiration for most of the characters comes from how real people in Southern Alberta dress. The character Lou was brought up on a ranch, but later lived & worked in New York. Lou's style is influenced by current fashion blended with the realities of being a very busy working Mom in a rural setting. Michelle Morgan (Lou) has great style, and she often has suggestions as to what she thinks "Lou" would wear. The actors collaborate for what they wear, and mostly what they won't wear. Usually there's plenty of options for them to try on, then the Producers have the final say."

So there you go! Stay tuned for more questions answered in the weeks ahead!

Thanks again for reading, and as always, watch the show anytime in Canada now on CBC Gem!