That time Amber Marshall hosted The Rosie Awards at Maggie's Diner

Amber Marshall hosting the Rosie awards and Graham Wardle says 'hi' on Instagram.
Amber Marshall hosting the Rosie Awards (Heartland)

As some of you may know, Amber Marshall hosted the 2020 Alberta Film and Television Awards, also known as The Rosies.  The event was live-streamed on Youtube last week. I mentioned this was happening in the last Thursday blog and have now heard that Heartland fans from all over the world jumped in to watch the stream. I hope you didn't miss the chance to see Amber present live from the Heartland Maggie's Diner set.  

If you did miss it, here's the full video:

I do have something else to add about the Rosie Awards for all of our Canadian readers out there: One of the big winners of the evening was one of CBC's newer dramas, Fortunate Son. And guess what!  Some of the folks behind this series (Seven24 Films) are the same that help make Heartland.  Executive Producers Jordy Randall and Tom Cox as well as a cast member or two and other production crew work on this series and currently work on or have worked on Heartland

The series is described as, "changing the world: draft dodgers, civil rights, rock and roll, free love and the other impossible dreams of 1968. It's about war, spies, cops, abusive power and the dark side of unchecked idealism." If you have a chance, head over to CBC Gem and give it a shot.

Another thing I talked about in last week's blog was the return of Graham Wardle to the Heartland set. We're definitely glad to see Graham working on Heartland Season 14 and I know you all wanted to hear about it. He sent us this message that I shared on Instagram earlier today:

Well, that's all for now.  I hope you like the new Reels Ive been sharing - I'm going to be sharing Heartland throwback moments and important scenes via Reels so, if you have any suggestions for what to include or if you think I missed an important one, please let me know.