Amber's day off and a look back at Heartland social media

Heartland's Amber Marshall takes a day off and a look back at social media over the past week.
Amber's day off (Amber Marshall)

Hey Heartland fans!  This week, Amber Marshall had a chance to take some time off but she still had the show on her mind and took a little bit of her spare time to send us a little video message, just for the blog!  Take a look:

In other news, I hope you had a fun and safe Halloween. Have you seen the scary clip shared to mark the occasion on Instagram this past Saturday? It was, of course, from the creepiest episode I could think of: Season 3, Episode 4 – The Haunting of Hanley Barn.  Can you think of a more fitting Heartland Halloween episode than that?  If you have a different one in mind, let me know in the comments.

Mr. Hanley was played by the talented Julian Richings and, for the kids reading this blog and watching programming on CBC Gem, you can also find a slightly less creepy character that he plays (though still a little creepy - he plays it perfectly) in episodes 5 and 10 of Detention Adventure season 2. He also played Benjamin Kertland in a two seasons of popular series Orphan Black which, as you may know, stars Tatiana Maslany who played Kit Bailey on Heartland.  I wonder how many other guest star connections we can find on Heartland.

Here are some more highlights from Amber, the Spencer twins and Michelle Morgan this week on social media:

Here's Michelle Morgan enjoying a little time in the office...

This one is older than a week, but I didn't want to miss an opportunity to share this great shot of Michelle Morgan, Amber Marshall and Jessica Steen on set. I love this!

And it wouldn't be a Thursday without a throwback to Heartland days of old, and this one goes way back to 2007. Fittingly, it is an early #HLinProd shot - before we were even using that hashtag.  Executive Producer Michael Weinberg shared it on Instagram this week. You should definitely follow him on Instagram as he posts many behind-the-scenes photos from Heartland production in years past.

That's all for now!  Come back next week for more Heartland blog goodness.