Heartland is back with a new episode this Weekend

Details about this weekend's new episode of Heartland and more.

Don't miss it Sunday at 7/7:30NT on CBC and CBC Gem


Heartland will be back with a new episode this Sunday at 7! The episode is titled "Outsiders" and it's something a little bit different because it has baseball. 


That's right, baseball. Well, sort of. You will have to watch to find out what's really going on but I can tell you a little about the episode: The wild, black stallion that Amy rehomed from Will's ranch is brutally forced out of the herd by the new leader, leaving Amy to track down the injured horse and nurse him back to health. Meanwhile, Tim and Jack discover a mysterious hidden baseball diamond on Sam Langston's property. And Lou's old mentor from New York arrives at the dude ranch, stirring up old wounds for Lou, and new feelings for Tim.

Don't forget, tomorrow I'll have a new first look for this Sunday's new episode but, for now, here's the preview that I originally shared last week: 

A little bit Alisha

In case you missed it, Heartland's Alisha Newton is gracing the latest cover of Cowgirl Magazine and she brought some of the show with her.  Oh… recognize that horse?  


Alisha first appeared on the Heartland scene in Season 6 as rough-around-the-edges youngster, Georgina "Georgie" Crawley. Georgie spent years navigating the foster system but never found her true home until she won the hearts of the Heartland family as she grew to know them as the season progressed. As you may know, Georgie had a bit of a rocky road on her path to officially joining the fam, but was finally adopted in episode 10 of Heartland Season 6 and now goes by 'Georgie Fleming Morris' after her adopted parents' names (Lou Fleming and Peter Morris). 

"Phoenix will always be your horse, no matter what." - Amy (Season 6, Episode 10) (Heartland)

• Georgie is adopted in Heartland Season 6, Episode 10, The Road Ahead 

That's all for today folks.  Next week we have a little something special planned for the blog and there may be something extra in it for YOU so be sure to check back next week for all of the details.