The Heartland Season 14 finale is this weekend

A look at the upcoming episode of Heartland and more!

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(Heartland (Season 14))

Hey Heartland fans! This weekend marks the end of Season 14.  The final episode will air this Sunday at 7pm on CBC and CBC Gem.  Of course that's at 7:30pm in Newfoundland. Can you believe this will be the 224th episode of Heartland? And I've seen them all.  Have you? 

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What do you want to see happen in this weekend's new episode? If you have questions, I'm sure many will be answered when you tune in this weekend. 

Not satisfied?  Want a better hint of what to expect in the finale?  Just take a look at the names of all of the episodes from this season, together:

1. Keep Me in Your Heart

2. The Last Goodbye

3. Making Amends

4. Through the Smoke

5. Outsiders

6. The New Normal

7. Courage

8. Changing Gears

9. Find Me in the Dark

10. Staying the Course

Whatever you hope to see, I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I do (hint: a lot!). I'll be giving you a more thorough first look tomorrow in the usual places but, for today, here's a quick peek at this season's conclusion:

The short description of this episode is in the guide but, I'll save you a click.  In the finale, Amy works with a challenging horse to help a friend of Clint's, and she also revives a dream to rebuild the jumping course that she and Spartan practiced on so many years ago. Meanwhile, Lou learns that Peter won't attend her upcoming wedding and surprised by her emotional reaction, she is forced to face a realization about their relationship. 


This has been quite a season. While some challenging moments, to say the very least, were sent our way, this season also gave us a new outlook for the future. We were right there, experiencing an unexpected grief alongside the characters we have watched for so many years during a time of uncertainty in the world. And we all deal with that grief, each of us, in our own way. 

We also experienced hope as we watched them move forward and find their own ways to cope with their overwhelming sadness. As they all found their own paths through this, we saw the Fleming family return to a new kind of normal (see what I did there?) after the tragic death of one of Heartland's most beloved characters.

I know what you are thinking.

Will Heartland return for another season?  Right now, I don't have the answer to that question but, I can tell you that, as always, once I know the answer, I will share it with you. Promise.

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Another giveaway update:  I know a lot of you have been asking about the #heartlandsbiggestfan giveaway.  There were so many great stories, photos and images that you shared with us and we loved every single one of them.  That said, we only have so many posters to give away, and all of the people we randomly selected have now been notified.  If you are one of those people, feel free to sound off on social media platforms. I can tell you that we selected fans from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and they are from all over the world! Congratulations again to all of the giveaway winners.