The cast of Heartland share their beautiful spring photos

What is the cast and crew of Heartland posting about on social media?
A view captured during the Heartland season 13 production season. (Heartland)

Ok Heartland fans, I have a bit of a light blog for you today but I promise to have some news for you very soon. That said, there is surprisingly a lot going on with Heartland's talented cast and crew on social media. In case you missed it, the nice folks from the CBC Gem social team posted a gorgeous gallery of photos collected from shots that Amber Marshall had previously shared on her own social media channels. And they were absolutely lovely. 

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Amber always shares the best images that truly show off her western lifestyle and the animals that surround her every day.  

Their post got me wondering about other members of that cast and crew and what they are up to on their social media channels over the past few months and, to my delight, I realized that there is quite a lot going on and a lot of their posts show us the beauty of spring.

Kerry James has been posting some beautiful photos of flowers. He has shared too many to show here. I could almost write an entire blog just about Kerry James' lovely flower photos. You will definitely want to follow him on Instagram to see what's up.  Here are some examples, but he has many more.

Speaking of flowers, Alisha Newton shared this lovely Cherry Blossom a couple of weeks ago:

And here is a lovely stand of Cherry trees captured by one of Heartland's season 14 directors, Winnifred Jong.  

It seems that the Heartland cast loves to be outside and enjoying nature even when they aren't working on the series.  Here's Ava Tran looking like she just got finished filming season 14

Michelle Nolden, who you all know as Jessica, has some amazing photos on her Instagram account as well but I just love her latest one in particular. I can't even with this baby bird hatchling! 

Oh! This amazing video capture from Shaun Johnston is a couple of weeks old, but the views in western Canada can't be beat.  Watch until the end to see his breathtaking view!

Another cast member (and director!) you know well, Michelle Morgan, also loves to show her love for the outdoors.  

That's all for this week folks.  It's a little light but I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great weekend.  And if you are in Canada, a great long weekend!