Behind the scenes with Heartland's stunt double for Amy

Let's look back at the season through the eyes of the people who made it happen behind the scenes! This week: Heartland's stunt double for Amy, Lindy Lonsberry.
(Heartland Season 15)

Hey Heartland fans!  It's been a while. But we are back this week with a new video featuring a look behind the scenes with Lindy Lonsberry, Amber Marshall's stunt double for her character, Amy Fleming, on Heartland.  

Sorry for the blog dry spell! A plethora of things have been happening behind the scenes here at CBC (I work on many shows here) and, while I have no news either way about the future of Heartland (once I know what's happening, I will share!), I do have an update. This one applies to our friends south of the border.  

Heartland season 15 is available to stream on UP Faith & Family with new episodes every Thursday, starting today!

And, as always, if you are in Canada, you can watch Heartland for free anytime on CBC Gem:

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