Heartland Season 16 premiere date announced

CBC announces Heartland's season 16 premiere date and an early summer roundup of things happening behind-the-scenes, including some new photos!

The series will return to CBC and CBC Gem on October 2

(Heartland Season 16)

Hey Heartland fans! It's been a little more than a month since production started on season 16 and a lot has happened in that short time. 

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CBC has announced the premiere date for Heartland Season 16. The new season will being on October 2 at 7pm (7:30NT) on CBC and CBC Gem. Season 16 will have a total of 15 episodes.

Another huge update I can tell you about for the first part of the production season: one of the main cast has said hello to a new family member. 

Michelle Morgan, who plays Lou Fleming on the series is taking some time off. While Michelle has already been involved in the first episodes of the season, she's said goodbye for now as she welcomes a new family member.

Congratulations to Michelle Morgan and family as they welcome new baby Celeste! If you want to see more, including some adorable photos, follow her on Instagram.

These behind-the-scenes photos that Director Ken Filewych has shared from episode 1601 and 1602 production are amazing.  Take a look at the impressive sky behind Shaun Johnston (as Jack Bartlett).

And here's the next step in the evolution of Caleb Odell seen in the annual pic shared by Kerry James in his Caleb Odell hair and makeup. More please!

Here's a behind-the-scenes photo shared by Kate Drummond.  What do you think Paula Westfield is up to in the new season?

There are so many more updates and photos shared by cast and crew. With production ongoing, keep an eye out for more posts on the official Heartland social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And be sure to follow the cast and crew to get all of their updates too. Here are some you should be taking a look at right now:

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