Heartland Season 15 production week three

Heartland continues production on Season 15. Here is a round-up from behind-the-scenes and a couple of new photos from set!

See two new photos from set and find out what cast and crew are saying about making the new season

(Heartland Season 15 Production)

Hey Heartland fans! It's now been almost three weeks since production started on Season 15 of Heartland. The weather has been cooperating for the most part and some beautiful moments have been captured. 

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Above you can see a new behind-the-scenes shot from the past week of production, featuring the production's Wrangler Captain, Bo.

Amber Marshall has nothing but good things to say about the Wranglers on Heartland, and recently posted this photo, which gives us another great shot of Bo. She adds, "He has been with us all 15 years! Bo and his horse Rowdy are always looking their best. The Wranglers on Heartland make working with horses such a joy. A big shout out to Jesse, Bo, Lindsay, Katie and the rest of the crew for all their hard work this week!! "

This next new photo from behind-the-scenes has a lot to look at. But, notably, you can see the main Heartland gate with the ranch in the background. And while you can't see what is happening, specifically, you can see that a possibly epic shot is being set-up on the driveway. 

(Heartland Season 15 Production)

And Michelle Morgan gave us a little creative look at her start on Heartland season 15 from behind-the-scenes. Wouldn't you love to have days at work like this?

Shaun Johnston also gave a look behind-the-scenes this week and took a minute to give a nod to his stunt double. In the post, Shaun notes, "He shows up once in awhile to make me look good." 

It's definitely nice to have someone to do the more dangerous bits, but I would say that Shaun is doing just fine either way.  What do you think?

Well, that's all I have this week folks.  Be sure to follow the cast and crew for the latest updates from production and I'll also try to get a bit extra for you as the season progresses.  Have a great weekend everyone!


Here's a little something extra from Director and Editor, Ken Filewych: