Heartland: This weekend's family cattle drive 'sounds like a hoot'

Today in the blog we have details about Sunday's new episode of Heartland, plus a first look.

What could happen in this all-hands-on-deck family endeavour this Sunday on a new Heartland?

(David Brown)

Hey Heartland fans!  

In this weekend's new episode of Heartland, the family must come together to move a herd of cattle, and a couple of less-experienced guests tag along for the ride. Does Fred Garland (Ivan Cermak) know what he's getting into? Will things go off 'without a hitch?' ;)

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Here's a more detailed description: Episode 1505, titled "Blood and Water", was written by Ken Craw and directed by Kristin Lehman and in the episode, Amy (Amber Marshall) and Shadow find themselves in jeopardy on a cattle drive. Lou (Michelle Morgan) feels overlooked when the issue of Heartland Beef's succession plan is raised. Parker (Ava Tran) and Katie (Baye McPherson) babysit Lyndy (Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer) and things go awry.

And if that's not enough information to get ready for Sunday, I fixed up a nice first look of the upcoming episode for the weekend, which will set the stage nicely. And there will even be a surprise or two, promise, so be prepared. Here's your first look:

That's all for today. Don't miss the new episode this Sunday at 7/7:30NT on CBC and streaming on CBC Gem!