Aidan Moreno takes over the Thursday blog

This week on the blog, Heartland cast member Aidan Moreno takes over to talk about his experience on the show, working on Season 15 and answers some fan questions!
(Aidan Moreno)

I cant believe we are only weeks away from Season 15. 

I hope you all have Sunday, October 17th at 7pm marked in your calendars and are feeling the excitement and anticipation.

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The recent end of filming was definitely bittersweet as it means we finally get to share this new season with you, but it also means I don't get to spend my days working on set with all the cast and crew again until next year.

I play Rick Adderly, the CAO in the Mayors Office and what I like to call Lou's freelance therapist. 

I love Lou and Ricks dynamic, it's one of those relationships where the respect and love runs deep. It enables them to say pretty much anything to one another, even if the other one doesn't exactly want to hear it. They know it all comes from a place of support and investment in their lives, even though sometimes it may be sprinkled with sass or sarcasm :)

This will be my second season on Heartland and I feel so blessed to be a part of this show. Everyone on the show has been so welcoming and have embraced the character of Rick. And I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime than Michelle Morgan. I learn so much from her and of course, laugh lots!

I got to work with some other cast members this season which was really exciting. We also get the chance to learn a little more about Ricks backstory which is sprinkled with laughter and was so much fun to film. You know I cant tell you anything more than that :) 

This show has an innate ability to bring people together through the stories that it tells. It finds a way of shining a light through the darkness and brings families together every Sunday. The cast and crew are such kind and lovely people, echoing the family off the screen as well as on. The fans have been so supportive and welcoming and I'm so grateful I get to be apart of the wider Heartland family. 

Season 15 is about accepting who we are, the stages and circumstances all the characters are in, and moving forward, whatever shape that takes or means for everyone.

It definitely has that warm and heartfelt classic feel of previous seasons and I'm so excited for October 17th. I know the fans are going to love this season!

Lots of you sent in your questions for Rick and i thought I would take you with me in the video below to one of my favourite places close to where I live in Ontario and answer as many as possible. 

I'll try and answer more on my Instagram @aidancmoreno and keep you posted with info from behind the scenes.