What is the top-rated episode of Heartland?

A look at the top episodes of Heartland, according to IMDB's top-rated list.

This week, we look at the top-rated episode of Heartland according to IMDB

(Heartland season 13 production)

Hey Heartland Fans! 

I was taking a look at the listing for Heartland on IMDB recently and I stumbled upon the full list of Heartland episodes in order of rating

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As it turns out, the top rated episode of Heartland, according to IMDB, is season 13, episode 5, "Fairytale" with a rating of 9.6/10.  

But don't take IMDB's word alone on it, check it out for the first time or, if you have seen it, you can stream it for free on CBC Gem. If you aren't in Canada, find it on Netflix, or the streaming service that carries it in your country.

In the episode, Amy and Ty worry about the impact a surprise visitor will have on Luke. Meanwhile, Georgie bonds with a client horse she's caring for, and tries to convince Amy to confront the horse's owner about its well-being. Jack helps Tim search for his horse, Champ, who disappeared during the storm, and Lou and Mitch go on a wildly unsuccessful romantic getaway.

Fairytale was written by Mark Haroun and directed by Eleanore Lindo

Do you agree with IMDB's selection for the top-rated episode? Let me know what your favourite episodes of Heartland are. Is it this one?

When if comes to making Heartland season 15, production is still going strong. I don't have anything super new to report this week from behind the scenes but keep an eye on the hashtag #HLinProd and #ioveheartland for the newest information from the cast and crew on social media.

That said, I do want to share this really cute post from Michelle Morgan

In the post, she says, "Surrounded by animals on set today. From Puppies to baby robins in their nest. Makes a for a calm work environment"

But look at the photos!

You should absolutely check out the last slide in her gallery post.  

That's all for this week.  Pop back in next week when I'll try to get you some new photos from set.