It's a hot week on Heartland but the show must go on

A throwback to cooler times and a fresh look at what's been happening during Heartland Season 15 production on social media.

Let's take a look at what the cast have been saying during the current heat wave


Hey Heartland fans! It's hot. Production is ongoing and the cast and crew are toughing it out in the hot weather we have been experiencing in western Canada and the USA. I don't have a new picture from set, but I think the one above, with Amber Marshall and Shaun Johnston on a sunny day gets the message across.

This recent article posted on CBC stated that, "Calgary neared its all-time high temperature record, hitting 36.3 C Tuesday. The hottest the city has ever been was 36.5 in August 2018, according to Environment Canada."

For those of you wondering what 36.3 Celsius means in Fahrenheit, it's about 97.3 degrees.

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The show must go on and the cast and crew have been doing a phenomenal job making it work in this weather. But, let's get out of all of this talk about the heat for a moment and take a look at this throwback from Executive Producer, Michael Weinberg. Since we are currently in production update mode on the blog, this post does fit with the #HLinProd theme, even though it's something that happened a few years ago.  And by a few, I'm talking almost 15.

For more current (and the occasional throwback) #HLinProd goodness, you should keep an eye on social media posts from the cast and crew and definitely take a look at the stories on the Official Heartland Instagram account.  I do my best to re-share stories and posts from the cast and crew to let you all know what's happening day-to-day, as reported by the people on the scene. And IN the scenes too.  :)

But your best bet is to follow them yourself! Here are some of the cast and crew who have been active during season 15 production so far:

Amber Marshall: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

Shaun Johnston: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

Michelle Morgan: Instagram / Twitter 

Aidan Moreno: Instagram / Twitter

Ava Tran: Instagram

The Spencer Twins: Instagram / Facebook

Madison Cheeatow: Instagram / Twitter

Kerry James: Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

Ken Filewych (Director, Editor): Twitter / Instagram

Michael Weinberg (Executive Producer): Instagram

What kinds of things can you expect to see them posting? Well, here's an adorable post from a couple of days ago that Amber Marshall shared. It's not specifically related to Heartland production, but Amber Marshall did have a visit with Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer (Lyndy) and Ava Tran (Parker) at her farm recently:

In the post, Amber says, "The @Spencer_twins and @_Ava_Tran spent the day out on our farm hanging with the animals and staying cool in the shade of the trees."

Even on a hot day, it would be cool to hang out on Amber's farm, don't you think?

And, as posted by Shaun Johnston on Instagram, Lisa (Jessica Steen) is "still Jack's chocolate pudding."

Did you know that Jessica Steen first appeared as Lisa Stillman on Heartland in Season 1, Episode 3, "Breaking Free" and has been in almost half of all of the episodes of Heartland, with the most recent one being Season 14, episode 10, "Staying the Course"

Also recently posted on Instagram we see that Ava Tran, who plays Parker, was reunited with Mickey!

And here's how Michelle Morgan is dealing with the hot weather:

That's all for this week.  You may notice that this week's blog came up early.  That's because today is July 1st and it's Canada Day, a holiday up here in Canada. So, however you choose to observe the occasion, stay safe and have a great long(ish) weekend!