Everything you want to know about the new episode of Heartland

Some details about Season 15, episode 4, from the vaults and an interview with Baye McPherson.

Tune-in Sunday to see Chris Potter's second Heartland Season 15 episode as director

Amy and Logan work with the Paint Mustang. (Shaun Robinson)

Hey Heartland fans!  

Last Sunday's episode of Heartland was intense! From the challenges to the community of Hudson faces and the pressure on Lou to solve them, to the impact this has on the Fleming/Bartlett family directly, there is never a dull moment in episode 1503. But don't worry, this Sunday, we will see how some of the story lines move forward. I can't promise you won't need tissues, but maybe they will be for happy reasons. You will have to watch to find out what happens.

That said, I won't give you any spoilers but, keep reading and I'll let you in on a few details about what to expect for this weekend's episode.

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This Sunday, there will be another new episode of Heartland on CBC and CBC Gem. The new episode is titled "Sins of a Father" and was again directed by Chris Potter and was written by Alexandra Clarke

Behind-the-scenes with Director Chris Potter, Amber Marshall and Drew Davis. (Heartland Season 15)

Here's are some details:

"After a break-in at Heartland, unwelcome memories of his father flood Jack, Amy and Logan work with a wild horse, and Tim and Parker form an unlikely duo to try and find the stolen goods."

From the archives

In case you missed it, CBC released a video recently that goes way back to Heartland's beginning.  This video, pulled from the vaults, features Amber Marshall and Shaun Johnston, as well as producer Tom Cox, talking to CBC Calgary about their "new TV drama" before its debut in the fall of 2007.

How to land a role on Heartland

Coming back to more recent times, Baye McPherson, who was cast to take on the role of Katie this season, was interviewed by Hey Alexandra (Let's chat with the stars) recently, where she goes into detail about the process of landing the role.  Watch the entire video and find out if Baye can tell the Spencer twins apart!

That's all for today folks but don't forget to tune-in this Sunday at 7/7:30 NT to CBC and CBC Gem for the next NEW episode of Heartland and be sure to jump on your social media platform of choice afterward and let me know what you think!