Production begins on Heartland Season 17

CBC’s original family drama HEARTLAND starts production on its 17th season this week in Alberta.

The first episode will be the 250th episode since the series started in 2007

A Alberta ranch on a cloudy day with three pickup trucks parked in front of it.
(David Brown)

It's official! Heartland started filming its 17th season today. The first episode of Season 17 will be Heartland's 250th episode. Can you believe it? 

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Here's what some of the cast had to say about starting production on the new season of Heartland:

A photo of actor Amber Marshall wearing a white cowboy hat and a pink button up shirt over a blue top.
(Heartland )

"It is hard to believe I have been part of 250 Heartland episodes. When I look back and do the math, I've spent over 1700 days on set which is roughly 20,400 hours. I really can't imagine a better group of people to create something so special. We are all so proud of this show."

- Amber Marshall

Actor Michelle Morgan sitting in a country-style chair wearing a blue button-up top.

"Heartland entering the 17th season in an industry where a series is lucky to get a second or a third season is hard to wrap your head around. I attribute the longevity of Heartland to a perfect alchemy of all the most important elements in television. We have a good story engine and great chemistry between the different actors on the set. We have a stunning and unique setting, a little piece of southern Alberta known as the Foothills. We have many knowledgeable local cowboys and cowgirls to guide the show and keep it authentically grounded in the western world. But the most important element is that it is a multi-generational show that anyone in the family can watch and enjoy."

- Michelle Morgan

Actor Shaun Johnston in a purple and white plaid shirt and a tan cowboy hat, posing in front of a log-style ranch house.

"250 episodes of Heartland! That sure is a beautiful thing. Working on Heartland has been the greatest gift in a professional lifetime for me. And having been in the Heartland family since the very first day of production all those many years back makes me proud to say that I am honoured, humbled, and privileged to be Jack Bartlett. Thank you CBC. And thank you, fans of Heartland."

-Shaun Johnston

Actor Chris Potter in a blue denim shirt sitting on a wood bench in front of a log-style ranch house.

"In 2007, Heartland presented an opportunity of great promise. Over the course of its seasons, the promise realized, Heartland has become a dream. A way of life for many of us involved in its ongoing creation. As we celebrate our 250th episode milestone it is with admiration for, and congratulations to, every person involved in making the show throughout the seasons. For me the dream goes on until I ride my horse into the Heartland sunset. What a ride it's been so far!"

-Chris Potter

Here's a VERY initial preview of what fans can expect this season:

In Season 17, the Heartland family know better than most that while dreams can sometimes come true, more often life takes us in unexpected directions. The new season is all about embracing the unexpected. It's about new experiences and taking the path less traveled. In Season 17 the Bartlett-Fleming family will find themselves excited for the future and ready to embrace new adventures, challenges, and relationships. But no matter how much things may change, Amy (Amber Marshall), Lou (Michelle Morgan), Jack (Shaun Johnston), and Tim (Chris Potter) will continue to fight for what they believe in while staying rooted in the land that has been in the Bartlett-Fleming family for generations.

What do you hope to see happen in Heartland Season 17?