Two characters from past seasons of Heartland return

Kate Drummond and Jenny Steele have been on set recently for Heartland season 15 production.

This past week, two characters from previous seasons of Heartland have returned to set for season 15

(Heartland Season 14)

Hey Heartland fans! It's been a little more than a month since season 15 began filming (production began on June 7) and I want to take some time today to tell you about two cast members who are returning in the new season.   

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First, Kate Drummond will be returning as Paula Westfield. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter in case she posts any new behind-the-scenes details. 

Drummond originally appeared in Heartland Season 11, episode 8, "Truth be Told". In the beginning of the episode, Paula Westfield pulled up to the Heartland ranch in her black Mercedes SUV and introduced herself to Amy as "Val's friend".

She asked Amy to take a look at her daughter's new jumper, Holloway and wouldn't take no for an answer, even though Amy told her she had plans and couldn't fit her in the schedule.  After some coaxing, Amy reluctantly agreed to work with the horse and, as a "bonus", she and Georgie (Alisha Newton) get invited to a posh party for the equestrian community. 

Paula's is also aunt to Dylan Westfield, who Georgie meets in the episode and he causes all kinds of complications in her personal life. 

Kate Drummond also appears in Utopia Falls, which can also be streamed for free on CBC Gem. 

Jenny Steele was also back on set recently returning as Emma Fitzroy, the funding partner to Cooper's (Adrian Spencer) horse-therapy operation. You can find out more about Jenny by following her updates on Twitter and Instagram as well so you don't miss a thing. 

You may remember that Mrs. Fitzroy first appeared in episode 1410 where she first met Amy and Parker at one of Georgie's horse jumping events. Their first interaction was… not ideal. But, the story did turn out well in the end, as we find out later in the episode. As a result, we get to see more of Emma Fitzroy in season 15!  Watch the full episode she first appeared in.

That's all for today.  Don't forget, the new Heartland season 15 premieres on October 17th and the summer is moving quickly. New episodes of Heartland will be here before you know it!