A blast from the past featuring Michelle Morgan

In honour of Michelle Morgan's birthday today, I pull a really deep cut for fans to check out... you'll be surprised by this one!

Good day Heartlanders! Thank you for coming again to take a look at the Heartland blog. 

Today I'm happy to feature a real blast-from-the-past clip of Michelle Morgan, pulled way out of the blog archives from pre-season two, if you can believe it! Why? Well because it's Michelle's birthday today!

As you know, Michelle is a woman of many talents, who in addition to appearing on Heartland, is also a director, the founder of Medano Films and an ambassador for Domestic Violence victim support organizations. 

And if you haven't yet, make sure you go and wish her a happy birthday on her social media channels, including her Instagram account, and her Twitter account, and her Facebook page!

So without further to-do, here's a clip from way, way back before season two of Heartland! What do you think of that?

And, in case you needed a reminder, there will be a season 14 of Heartland on CBC.

And as always, watch the show anytime in Canada now on CBC Gem!

Thank you for reading!