Introducing a new oral history of Heartland

I'm still excited about the renewal announcement of Heartland, but CBC Television also has something special in store for you.

Good day Heartlanders! I hope you're doing well. 

Surely you've heard that Heartland is coming back for another season, right? Just checking. From the sounds of it, many of you are pretty excited, and I'm happy to hear it. 

I also have some other news for you... this Sunday, Amber Marshall is going to be on What're You At? with Tom Power, and you won't want to miss that. If you've never seen Tom's show before, it's really fun. It'll air at 8pm on CBC Television (8:30pm in Newfoundland). Of course, it'll also be available on CBC Gem in Canada! And I'm hoping to share the video from her appearance on the blog next week.

Now, for something REALLY special. The folks over at CBC Television have been putting together an "Oral history" of Heartland for you to read, and the first instalment is out today! 

Click here to read the first part of the oral history... it's really good. 

Until next time!