Amber Marshall on different kinds of horses

Another blast from the past!

Hello there Heartlanders, and thanks for returning back for another Heartland blog this week.

Of course, you're looking for news on season 14 I imagine, and unfortunately I don't have any news to share. You'll know the moment I know, and that's a guarantee. 

In the meantime, I managed to dig up a fun clip that you may not have seen before. It's a short video of our Heartland star Amber Marshall appearing on the old Strombo show back in 2012! She breaks down different kinds of "horses" and I found it pretty fun, and I hope you do too!

That's all for this week, and I'll check in with you all next Thursday! And, if there's any classic Heartland clips that you think I should feature on the blog, please share them in the comments below! 

And as always, you can watch any episode of Heartland that you want at any time now on CBC Gem!