The wait continues...

As is the case has been for the last few weeks, the current status of Heartland remains unchanged.

First of all, before we get too far into this blog post, you may have noticed that the blog is now being posted in a new location than the old blog posts. But never fear! You can still get all the old blog posts right here, and going forward, all the new blog posts will be available on the main page at

As you know, websites always change, and the Heartland site itself has changed many times, and this is the latest in many. But hopefully this makes the blog a little easier for many to read, especially on mobile devices. 

Now, moving on, everyone should know that season 13 has finished airing on CBC (and can be seen streaming here on CBC Gem). Yes, there were only 10 episodes, and the finale episode was entitled The Passing of the Torch.

Many questions continue around season 14 -- if there is a season 14, or if there isn't. At this point, there is no news either way. 

Now, in order to fill the gap between season 13 and whether if there's going to be a season 14 (or not), I've been putting forward a lot of questions to you, and that's the case today as well. 

What I'd like to know from you, is what exactly you'd like to see from this blog going forward? What aspects about Heartland interest you, and what would you like to hear more about? As you know, the blog has been running for a long time, and I'd love your help to hear about what you'd like to see going forward. 

Thanks for reading!