Shaun Johnston performs acoustic songs in Stable Sessions

In times like these, why not take a moment and listen to our own Grandpa Jack sing a few originals?

Good day Heartlanders! How are you doing today? Staying caught up on your sleep? Getting some fresh air? I hope so!

Now to the question that I'm sure everyone still has on their mind; will there be a Heartland season 14? Again, unfortunately, I have no news for you. No news that it's happening, but no news that it's not happening either. 

So with that in mind, we'll have to continue to sit tight until we find out... one way or another. 

But today in the blog, I have something special I do want to share with you. These videos are from a few years back, and as I was looking for ideas for this week's post, I couldn't resist putting them in today's blog... they are just simply awesome. If you haven't heard of the Stable Sessions before, the concept is pretty simple - it features Heartland's own Shaun Johnston performing a few songs on acoustic guitar in the stable. If you have seen these before, I hope you take a moment and get to enjoy them again. 

And as always, if you're looking for a way to pass the time, may I suggest rewatching Heartland on CBC Gem? Maybe check out an old favourite episode or two. 

But for now, I present the complete Stable Sessions below...