Is the Heartland family ready for the new normal?

Are things getting back to normal for the Heartland family?

The latest new episode os Heartland is available to watch anytime on CBC Gem in Canada


Hey Heartland fans!  Another NEW episode of Heartland Season 14 aired this past weekend and, in it, things seem to be getting back into the regular day-to-day routine for the family.  In fact one might call it "The New Normal".  

Even though things are starting to get back to normal, this episode is anything but. Right from the beginning, the family is asked to leave their comfort zones and they are forced into situations where they must face things they may not be quite ready for.  

The episode, written by Alexandra Clarke and directed by Winnifred Jong, starts with Tim challenging Amy to help find homes for some wild horses that got pushed out of their herd.  Amy suggests a basic show-and-tell and Tim "suggests" she do a full-on clinic. 

Amy and Cooper (Heartland)

Is she ready for this? 

Later, Mitch and Lou (well, Lou) are doing some wedding planning and Peter gets caught in the middle when Lou asks for his help in putting in a good word about Mitch to Katie. I know what you are thinking: why should Peter help Lou with Mitch? Is Lou going overboard (Peter's words, not mine) about wanting them to all be "one big happy family"? Of course, Peter reluctantly gives is a try and Caleb even helps this process along as only Caleb can; It's time for a new dad sleep over and he brought burgers!

Caleb crashes the ranch. (Heartland)

Meanwhile, Jack is asked to represent Heartland Beef at a grocery convention and is put up in a sweet hotel room.  Lisa accompanies him and It's a good chance for them to have a romantic getaway together... even though Jack isn't excited about hobnobbing and socializing with a bunch of stuffy business people. 

Jack shows off his best suit at a grocery convention. (Heartland)

It is, however, a chance for Jack to wear his best suit.  ;)

I hope you got a chance to watch. If not, you can jump in on CBC Gem anytime (Canada). In the end, we do start to see the Amy we all know and love shining through and we may even see some sparks fly in an unlikely pairing.  *cough* Tim and Jessica. *cough* I wonder if there could be something there. Time will tell.

Tim and Jessica hanging out (Heartland)

Well, I'm just going on and on this week, aren't I?  Let me move on to the next new episode, coming this Sunday.

Sunday's new episode, called "Courage" is directed by Jill Carter, written by Mark Haroun and is one we will definitely be talking about long after it comes out.  In the episode, Tim seeks out help from an unlikely person (I wonder who this could be!!!) when he finds himself competing in a polo match. And Amy is concerned her daughter isn't adjusting well to her new reality, so she makes a decision that worries Jack.  

Tim.  In a polo match. 

You may be able to understand a little bit of the why when you see the preview. And, guess who's coming back! Take a look:

Oh!  I wanted to mention one more thing before I go.  You know that thing I hinted at last week that I said I would tell you about this week?  Well it's not ready to go just yet.  But it will be soon. How's that for a teaser?  

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