Question answered - horse riding?

In today's blog, we tackle a popular question about the riding skills of the stars of Heartland.

Hello there Heartlanders! Thank you for coming back to check out the blog week after week. I really appreciate you and appreciate your passion for everything Heartland! As you know, a few weeks ago I asked for your questions about the show, as we wait for production to ramp up. We've already had one question answered about wardrobe, and another about dinner scenes

Today, I've got a question & answer for you specifically about horses. 

David Feist (@DavidFeist18) asks: Are the cast members natural riders, or do some have to take lessons?

Today's answer comes from Jesse Thomson, Heartland's horse wrangler:

"Most of the regular cast have been on the show since the beginning and have honed their skills through the years. Most of the new cast have definitely had some experience on a horse and are getting more accustomed. The younger cast are learning as we go."

Along the lines of that answer, here's a short video from a couple years ago that you may find interesting if you haven't seen it, where Amber Marshall talks about the relationship between Amy and Spartan.

Well that's all for this week! I hope you're well, and I'll be back with another post next Thursday!