Music from Heartland and a nod to one of our favourite cast members

Today we talk about Music on Heartland and give a nod to Graham Wardle, who recently became a finalist for the Canadian Screen Awards Cogeco Fund Audience Choice Award.

Hey Heartland fans!  I wish I had the news you have been waiting for this week – I know you are all being very patient, hoping to find out about the potential of a 15th season of our favourite family drama. I don't have anything to report on that front but I hope to hear either way very soon! Once I get some new information I will pass it along to you!  

That said, our friends south of the border will be treated to Heartland Season 14 early in May - I believe it's May 6th, to be exact! So be sure to watch and let us know what you think of Season 14!  In Canada, you can watch it for free on CBC Gem.

Watch Heartland on CBC Gem for Free

Shaun Johnston, a friend and a guitar

I wanted to dedicate the first piece ot this week's blog to Shaun Johnston. I think we can all agree that we love when Shaun picks up a guitar and performs. He posted one of his performances on Facebook recently. 

This got me thinking about that time Shaun played some songs for us: Do you remember the "Stable Sessions" from the Heartland set? Here's a little reminder:

Shivers. be sure to check out the full playlist of all of Shaun's "Stable Sessions" and more Heartland music on Youtube. And if you are looking for the episode with "When to Let Go" in it, well that's in Season 10, Episode 4: New Horizons.

Audience Choice

(Heartland Season 13)

As you may know, we have this really big event in Canada coming up in May (May 20th to be exact), called The Canadian Screen Awards.  For those of you elsewhere in the world, think of this as Canada's Oscars. It's a huge deal! One of the awards given out is completely based on fans voting on their favourite cast member on a TV series – The Cogeco Fund Audience Choice Award.  This year, Heartland's Graham Wardle is not only a nominee; he's a finalist!

Even though this is a Canada-specific event, anyone can vote on the audience choice award, so be sure to vote for your favourite candidate. As per the rules on the website, "Voting is open worldwide – there are no geo restrictions."

So take a minute to vote for your favourite candidate if you have some time. Have a great weekend!