Heartland Season 14 production week one round-up

A round-up of what's been going on this week with the Heartland cast and crew on social media.
#TBT: Alisha Newton as Georgie in Heartland Season 13, Episode 1. Did she know? (Heartland)

Welcome to another Thursday blog, Heartlanders! It's the second Thursday blog since production on Season 14 started and, now that we are a little more than a week in, everyone involved is starting to get used to the new way of producing a TV series during the pandemic. 

As I mentioned a few days ago on Twitter, we have a new role on set; Senior Covid Advisor. Everyone working on the show has been following the rules and taking every precaution to keep the cast and crew safe and the role this advisor has taken on helps answer questions and clarify things when there is confusion. 

I know some of you have also had some questions about how certain things work on the show now that we have to follow a different set of production rules, like this one from Twitter user, 'Alexandra':


I'll be compiling a list of questions for the Senior Covid Advisor to answer all at once, so please ask your questions in the comments section or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  I hope to get Alexandra's question (and your new ones) addressed soon! Look for answers in a future blog!

Now that we got all of that out of the way, let's move on to what's been happening this past week.  Here are some highlights:

Michelle Morgan has been posting some great videos in her Instagram story - definitely check them out!  You can find her updates here. And be sure to watch the videos in the Heartland tab on her profile page to see the highlights she's been keeping for you.  

Michelle has also been covering some of the work the cast has been doing with horses since the start of production, and indeed since Season 1. 

Also of note is the effect on the skies in Alberta, sadly, due to smoke from fires in the west. 

Even with the challenges we have all have been facing, I think it's pretty safe to say that the cast and crew are happy to be making another season of Heartland for you.