The Heartland Virtual Fan Event gets a date and more

News and social media recaps for Heartland.
Amy and Lyndy (Heartland)

Happy Thursday Heartland fans!  This is the last blog before the holidays begin and I have a few things I'd like to tell you about from this past week. I guess, technically there is still one more next Thursday, but I have a special guest Q&A for that one... more on that later.

First, did you see the new teaser that came out for Heartland Season 14? As you may already know, the new season will begin on January 10th at 7 on CBC and, of course, in Newfoundland at 7:30. Mark your calendars! In case you missed the teaser, take a look:

Second, I want to share some new information about the Virtual Fan Event. Heartland fans sent in thousands of questions for the cast and, while I can't promise every one of them will be answered, the production has come up with a special little program that I know you will love.  The virtual fan event will first be shown on the official Heartland Youtube channel on January 5th at 8pm!  Be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you can be one of the first to watch it!  If you can't make it, don't worry as it will be shared it via the other usual Heartland social channels afterward.

Next, take a look at Shaun Johnston's last post from set on Season 14. It's always sad to say goodbye to work that you love but, hopefully, we will see a Season 15.  It's way too early to say for sure right now, but I'm already crossing my fingers! Here's what Shaun had to say:

"That's a Wrap. My last day as 'Jack' in Season 14. I can't show you my face cuz I might just have a tear in my eye."

I also want to take a minute to share a photo that I previously shared with you on Instagram.  It's the one with Ty, Jack, Tim and Amy by the fireplace from A Heartland Christmas.  A lot of you pointed out that Graham Wardle was cut out of the photo on Instagram.  Here's the full image in all its glory.  Enjoy!

From left, Ty (Graham Wardle), Jack (Shaun Johnston), Tim (Chris Potter) and Amy (Amber Marshall) try to sleep before continuing to try to rescue the trapped horses. (Heartland )

Finally, @CBC captured some lovely little stories from the cast about their year so far.  We hear from Chris Potter, Ava Tran, Alisha Newton, Michelle Morgan, and Amber Marshall.  Wait… Ava Tran?  You will get to meet her new character, Parker, in Season 14.

That's all for this week folks.  Next week I'll have a special blog with an adorable Q&A featuring a little someone... make that two little someones, so keep an eye out for it.