Heartland Executive Producer's humorous interview series

This week, we showcase Heartland Executive Producer Michael Weinberg's talk show project.

The cast gets to poke a little fun at their boss in this funny and informative 'Talk Show'


Today, I want to dedicate the blog to showcase the humorous interview series that Michael Weinberg, Executive Producer on Heartland, created. 

Here is the very first episode:

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If you want to talk about the people who have been with Heartland from the beginning, the one person who would be at the top of that list is Executive Producer Michael Weinberg.  He's been looking after things since the beginning and is the one responsible for originally acquiring the rights to the series of books by Lauren Brooke.

So, as you can imagine, he has been working with the cast of Heartland for a long time and he knew that cast members would be on board to go a little 'off-script" and bring something extra to the mix for Heartland fans. So he came up with this little gem of an Instagram "Heartland Talk Show" series to give something special to fans.

In the talk show series, Michael interviews the cast of Heartland as a version of himself; a producer who has been given a chance to host his own talk show.  But, what is the production playing at?  How real is this thing?

The cast appears on the show to answer Michael's questions about Heartland but are often just showing up "because they have to" and end up humouring his requests. As these shenanigans go on episode after episode, they often try to get out of it quickly and move on to other things, as he fumbles through an ongoing attempt to make waves with his new format.

With all of this in mind, the show treats us to a fun look at Heartland during production season and Michael and the rest of the cast get to have a bit of fun and give us some insight behind the scenes along the way. I highly recommend you give Michael a follow on Instagram and scroll back to check out all of the episodes of this fun and funny extra Heartland content.  Here are some of my favourite ones: