Michelle Morgan directs this Sunday's new episode of Heartland

Details about Heartland Season 15, episode 8.

And you also don't want to miss the lumberjacks.

Michelle Morgan directing Heartland episode 1508. (Heartland Season 15)

Hey Heartland fans!  

This Sunday there will be another new episode of Heartland on CBC and CBC Gem. And there will be Episode 1508, titled "Brand New Day", is the second episode of the season that was directed by Michelle Morgan, who you also know as Lou Fleming on the show! The new episode was written by Ken Craw who is also no stranger to Heartland, and he too has worn more than one hat on the series.

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In the episode, Hudson hosts a lumberjack competition (you may have seen something about this posted on Instagram by Kerry James, Heartland's Caleb Odell) and Amy must retrain a Clydesdale and his owner to compete in the draft horse race. Tim throws his hat in the ring. Lou tries to avoid a date with Fred Garland.

Michelle Morgan also directed the previous episode, "Bluebird", and, in Heartland in season 14, she directed episode 1409, "Find Me in the Dark". Michelle has also directed on other projects as well, including the Heartland digital spin-off, Hudson

Be sure to check the Heartland Youtube channel tomorrow for the first look and get some extra insight before the episode airs on CBC this Sunday. 

And that's all I have for today. Don't miss Heartland episode 1508, "Brand New Day" this Sunday at 7/7:30NT on CBC and streaming on CBC Gem!