Drew Davis has joined the Heartland cast

Another young cast member has joined the Heartland cast. We have all of the details in today's blog!

Even more updates about Heartland's younger cast members

Drew Davis on the set of Heartland (Heartland Season 15 Production)

Hey Heartland fans! Last time on the blog, there was a promise to share more exciting news about the upcoming Season 15,  including a few storyline hints. It's now time to deliver on that promise.

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Heartland is pretty lucky to have such an amazing cast and crew. The whole team is working hard and having fun as we approach the last week of filming Heartland Season 15. Keep an eye on the #HLinProd hashtag on your favourite social media platforms for the latest updates from cast and crew. 

And a huge shout-out to our younger cast members, especially as some of them are juggling school, acting, and your everyday activities around being a kid. Recently, you were introduced to Baye McPherson in a previous blog, who will be playing Katie going forward. Ava Tran will also be returning to Heartland Season 15 as the spunky Parker and, of course, Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer are growing up right before our eyes as Lyndy. 

On Heartland, the young cast members are true to their age for the characters they play, so we really do see them grow with the show. Katie is 12 years old, and Baye McPherson is also 12 years old in real life. Parker is also 12 years old (Ava Tran just turned 13 in August). Lyndy is 5 years old by the end of Season 15, and the Spencer Twins just turned 5 years old this summer as well. There is a lot of fun happening behind the scenes when celebrating birthdays during Heartland production!

Here's a photo of our younger cast members, Ava, Baye and Ruby/Emmanuella Spencer on set during Season 15 production.

Ava, Baye and Ruby/Emmanuella Spencer on the Heartland set during Season 15 production. (Heartland Season 15 production)

More news about our younger cast

And now for some brand new news! There is another young cast member joining the cast this season! 

Here's a brand new photo where featuring Logan, played by 17-year old Drew Davis in Heartland Season 15. 

Drew Davis on the set of Heartland (Heartland Season 15 Production)

In Heartland Season 15, Logan is a 17-year-old troubled soul who masks his insecurity with cocky bravado. He's a moody rebel to whom everything is a joke. He can be a naturally charismatic ring leader at times, but coolly disinterested and detached at others. But all of his coolness is a front. Underneath, he takes things very seriously with intense emotions just under the surface. Logan has a gift that he doesn't even know about until he meets Amy. 

Can you guess what that gift might be?

Tune in to Heartland Season 15 to see what Logan is up to with the Heartland family. Season 15 of Heartland premieres on Sunday, October 17 at 7 p.m. (7:30 NT) on CBC and will be available to stream on CBC Gem.

Follow Drew Davis on Twitter and Instagram to learn more about him.

And, in case you're not following them already, follow Ava Tran, Baye McPherson and Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer to keep up with all of their updates on the set of Heartland Season 15.