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An intense 30-minute lower body workout that you can do right in your living room

Be sure to stretch after this leg and glute routine from fitness coach Beverley Cheng.

Be sure to stretch after this leg and glute routine from fitness coach Beverley Cheng

Beverley Cheng working out in a living room on an exercise mat. She's doing a squat and smiling to camera. Text on screen says "Intense legs and glutes bodyweight & bands only."

Think you need to be weight training at the gym to get a serious workout in? This lower body sweat sesh from fitness coach Beverley Cheng packs in all the intensity of a lift class — and you can do it right in your living room.

In the video from her series Body Zones, Beverley will lead you through a 30-minute muscle-building workout that targets the legs and glutes with a combination of high-repetition and resistance band movements. 

"This one's going to get sweaty, and you will definitely be feeling it the next day," says Beverley. So grab your water, a mat, and a band — and make sure to stretch afterward!

Check out the full workout video below, then scroll down to see the list of exercises.

30-minute leg and glutes workout

3 sets:

  • Reverse lunge x 12
  • Static split squat x 12

3 sets:

  • Banded lateral side squats x 10 per side
  • Banded good mornings x 10
  • Banded tension squats x 10

2 sets:

  • Sumo squats x 10
  • Sumo squat pulses x 10

2 Sets:

  • Banded glute bridge x 15 - 10 - 5
  • Glute bridge pulse x 15 - 10 - 5


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