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Fit for Me: 10 at-home workout videos for every mood from Beverley Cheng

From gentle movement to explosive cardio, these fitness sessions will meet you wherever you are.

From gentle movement to explosive cardio, these fitness sessions will meet you wherever you are

left: a woman in her living room, on a yoga mat, doing a kneeling stretch with her arms in the air. right: the same woman, standing on a yoga mat stretching her arms above her head.

This article was originally published June 8, 2023 and updated July 10, 2023.

POV: You're bursting with energy now — but you might be super low on motivation later.

Often, you just don't know what the day will bring or how you'll feel when it's time to exercise. That's why we partnered with fitness coach Beverley Cheng to bring you Fit for Me, a series of at-home workout videos, designed to meet you where you are. 

Recovering from previous exercise? Feeling stressed and in need of an intense sweat sesh? Getting back into movement or trying exercise for the first time? Cheng will help you build consistency and get moving at your own pace with these 15- to 30-minute workouts full of exercises that align with your specific needs. Scroll down to find the video that's right for you right now!

A 25-minute circuit workout for days when you're low on motivation


A short and spicy 15-minute workout for days when you're low on time


A low-impact full-body workout for your time of the month — and beyond 


An explosive 25-minute workout for stressful days


A gentle 20-minute workout for days when you need some self-love


A 25-minute no-equipment workout for days when you're feeling sore


A full-body no-repeat workout for days when you really want variety 


A 25-minute small space workout you can try just about anywhere 


A low-impact full-body chair workout that's beginner-friendly


An energizing low-impact workout to help you ease back into movement 


A 25-minute indoor cardio workout that's just as intense as an outdoor run


A high-energy 20-minute workout to prep you for the dance floor this wedding season

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