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A 25-minute no-equipment workout for days when you're feeling sore

Fitness coach Beverley Cheng shares a core and mobility routine to help you stretch it all out.

Fitness coach Beverley Cheng shares a core and mobility routine to help you stretch it all out

POV: You want to get a workout in, but your muscles are sore.

For days when you want to keep your body moving but aren't up for the intensity of your usual routine, fitness coach Beverley Cheng has you covered.

In this video from her series Fit for Me, Beverley will lead you through a 25-minute session focused on building mobility and strengthening the core. With crunches, holds and lots of stretching, you'll have a chance to work through any stiffness and tightness so you can leave the mat feeling stronger — and more relaxed.  

Check out the full workout video, then scroll down for the list of exercises. All you'll need is a mat and some water to get started.

25-minute mobility and core workout


  • Upper neck stretches
  • Behind the head chest stretch
  • Deep side stretch
  • Standing oblique crunch (L)
  • Standing oblique crunch (R)
  • Standing leg raise (L)
  • Standing Leg Raise (R)
  • Oblique side crunch (L)
  • Oblique side crunch (R)


  • Cat cow
  • Kneeling thoracic spine rotation
  • Wide alternating shoulder stretch


  • Tabletop knee drive
  • Plank military crawls
  • Child's pose


  • Runners lunge
  • Deep lean back
  • Quad stretch
  • Half kneeling groin stretch


  • Bicycle
  • Leg drop
  • Alternating V up


  • Calf stretch
  • Downward dog to cobra
  • Mini cobra


  • Forearm plank hold


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