How to tackle the holidays this year, according to your zodiac sign

Astrologer Bryanna Collier shares what the skies may have in store for us throughout this merry month.

Astrologer Bryanna Collier shares what the skies may have in store for us throughout this merry month

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Are you ready to reconnect with your sense of wonder this holiday season? You'll have a beautiful chance to do so after dreamy Neptune stations direct in imaginative Pisces on Dec. 6. As the planet of illusions moves forward, we often find ourselves yearning for some escapism and magic in our lives. Perhaps this means surrounding yourself with festive cheer and items that transport you back to happy memories of the past. You could also feel a surge of optimism that inspires you to give back; consider how you can really uplift your community.

When the final new moon of the year arrives in adventurous Sagittarius on Dec. 12, you could feel emboldened to tackle new challenges and quench your thirst for knowledge. Just try not to lean too heavily on your intuition during this lunation, as the moon will also form a square to Neptune, which could disorient you. Avoid simply relying on what you already know, and seek to ask the right questions.

Also on Dec. 12/13 (depending on your time zone), communication-ruling Mercury will station retrograde in ambitious Capricorn. If you're travelling for the holidays, you'll be wise to triple-check your itinerary and make a backup plan, as the speedy planet is known to create conflict for people on the move. We'll want to stick to our trusted routines as much as possible until Mercury stations direct in optimistic Sagittarius on Jan. 1, 2024. 

As the winter solstice arrives on Dec. 21, marking the shortest day of the year for those in the Northern Hemisphere, get cosy with the people you love. It's important that we surround each other with love and light when the days are darkest. Remember: Brighter days lie ahead. 

Then, when the intuition-ruling moon ​​waxes full in compassionate Cancer on Dec. 26, you may feel more emotionally open, and eager to share your thoughts and feelings with others. Our final full moon of 2023 will also form a powerful trine with Saturn in sensitive Pisces, making this an excellent moment to connect with your elders and receive wisdom from the people around you. 

As love-ruling Venus moves into enchanting Sagittarius on Dec. 29, singles can start thinking about who they'd like to smooch on New Year's. This charming transit encourages us to invite new experiences into our romantic worlds. Meanwhile, those in relationships are encouraged to enrich their connections by discussing their shared dreams and devising ways to invite more adventure into their life. 

Finally, after a few days of recuperating from New Year's Eve, we may finally feel ready to get the ball rolling again when fiery Mars enters persistent Capricorn on Jan. 4, 2024. The red planet inspires us to be extra strategic with our time and energy when it travels through this cardinal earth sign. Prepare to make waves. 


After spending the past year crushing your goals, you deserve a break this holiday season, Aries. So when your health-and-work-ruling planet, Mercury, stations retrograde in your 10th house of career and achievements on Dec. 12/13, seize the opportunity to take your foot off the gas and reduce your workload where possible. While slowing down now might seem counterintuitive, giving yourself room to breathe will give you the chance to see your current routines and true priorities with more clarity. 

Then, when philosophical Jupiter stations direct in your second house of value and security on Dec. 30, you might want to consider how increasing your knowledge could help elevate your sense of self worth. If there's a skill or subject you've been wanting to master, this is an ideal time to dive in. 


Does it feel like lots of people are using you as a shoulder to lean on these days, Taurus? That's likely to continue throughout the holiday season. Fortunately, with Venus — your routine-ruling planet — travelling through your seventh house of relationships as of Dec. 4, you're in a prime position to put them all at ease. Just be sure to guard your loved ones' secrets carefully; it's important that you avoid generating gossip as others entrust you with their problems and emotions. 

Then, prepare to begin 2024 with a bold new outlook, particularly as Mars — your spirituality-ruling planet — enters your ninth house of philosophy, belief and adventure on Jan. 4. This is a beautiful moment to shut out background noise so you can open your mind to new perspectives and reconnect with your inner voice. 


Are you ready to reset the scales, Gemini? When Mercury — your ruling planet — stations retrograde in your eighth house of transformation and death on Dec. 12/13, you'll have an opportunity to make a change for the better. If you notice any power imbalances in your familial relationships cropping up around this time in particular, don't hesitate to set boundaries — it could help heal some old wounds for good. 

When it comes to love, you'll want to be mindful of who you invest your time with, since people's intentions can be difficult to read during Mercury's retrograde. If you're single, you could also bump into an ex on or around Dec. 22, as the messenger planet moves through your seventh house of relationships. If you do cross paths and sparks fly, take a moment to really consider whether you'd like to rekindle the romance or leave it in the past.


This is your time to shine, Cancer. With Venus — your domestic-ruling planet — now moving through your fifth house of creativity and romance, you have the power to host, decorate and celebrate in style. In fact, the goddess of love will add an effortless elegance to practically everything you touch this holiday season, so if you're single, this could also be an ideal time to play the field. Meanwhile, partnered crabs can harness this charismatic energy to keep things spicy with their loved one.

Then, on Dec. 12, you're encouraged to take full advantage of the power of the new moon in enthusiastic Sagittarius. Your ruling planet is here to help you get a head start on any New Year's resolutions you might be mulling over. This is a beautiful time to set an intention to create your ideal lifestyle — or just establish a few positive new habits. 


Are you prepared to do things a bit differently, Leo? When your money-ruling planet, Mercury, starts to travel in reverse through your sixth house of work, wellness and routines on Dec. 12/13, you'll be called to rethink your financial habits. Consider whether the ways you've dealt with your cash over the years still resonate, particularly if you've been seeking new avenues for generating income. Now is an ideal time to think outside the box and make some powerful alterations. 

On Dec. 22 — as Mercury enters your fifth house of pleasure, creativity and romance — you could find yourself starting to entertain the idea of purchasing an item that you've been coveting for a long time. It can be hard to resist temptation during this transit, but before you break out your wallet, consider if you really need that special something. If you're unsure, fight the urge to part ways with your hard-earned cash. 


You pride yourself on being reliable, Virgo. But while this quality is admirable, it can be exhausting if it means you consistently put your own needs on the back burner. Make an effort to be more now that Neptune — your romance-ruling planet — is moving forward through your seventh house of relationships. If you're coupled up, it could be a beautiful time to look at how your bond functions and consider how you can communicate your desires more clearly. Single Virgos can apply this advice to their friendships and business partnerships.

Then, on Dec. 12/13, your career and passion-ruling planet — Mercury — will station retrograde in your fifth house of pleasure and creativity, offering you a gentle reminder to take it slow. While this may be one of the busiest times of the year, being kinder to yourself will allow you to keep dreaming up exciting new projects. 


Don't be afraid to shake things up, Libra. As Neptune — your routine-ruler — moves forward through your sixth house of work, wellness and habits, you could find yourself getting bored with your typical day-to-day. But enjoying some holiday activities, like taking a walk to admire Christmas lights or visiting a winter market, is sure to inspire you. You may also want to think about new ways you can give back during this time. After all, nothing lights your fire quite like supporting the people around you.

Then, when Venus, your ruling planet, enters your third house of communication on Dec. 29, you could start to feel more in-tune with your own voice. You'll be excited to engage with others at New Year's parties and could even be a star player in games that require wit and charm. Enjoy connecting with people who fill your cup.


A little indulgence can do you good, Scorpio. So if you've been feeling compelled to spend some extra time taking care of yourself lately — with your love-ruling planet, Venus, travelling through your first house of the self and appearances — don't hesitate to do so. Your razor-sharp stinger could also soften a bit during this period, making it easier for you to let new people into your circle. This is a wonderful time for single Scorpios to rally their confidence and put themselves out there.

If you've been feeling bored with your day-to-day lately, you'll be happy to hear that there could be plenty of change in store at the start of the new year. Mars — your routine-ruling planet — will make his way into your third house of communication on Jan. 4, helping you voice your resolutions, plans and ideas to your inner circle. Get ready to take control of your destiny. 


If you want to make real change, you need to pick a direction, Sagittarius. Keep this in mind now that Neptune — your domestic-ruling planet — is  moving forward through your fourth house of home and private life. You could find your mind is bursting with ideas to improve your surroundings, but you'll need to rein yourself in if you want to make progress. Enjoying holiday traditions with loved ones can help you to relax and release stress as you plot a path forward. 

On Dec. 30, you may start to feel motivated to introduce — or reintroduce — some positive structures into your life, as Jupiter, your ruling planet, stations direct in your sixth house of work, wellness and habits. Use this energy to come up with some achievable New Year's resolutions. It's up to you to prioritize activities that will keep your busy mind active and support your overall well-being. 


You're multi-faceted, Capricorn. And you'll have the opportunity to discover even more aspects of your personality starting on Dec. 12/13, when Mercury — your routine-ruling planet — stations retrograde in your first house of the self. Allow yourself to do things differently during this time, and experiment with activities and wellness practices that help you glow from within. Whether you choose to invite your friends to join you on winter walks or test out some new recipes at home, you could stumble upon a new tradition or two. 

Then, when schedule-savvy Mercury begins moving in reverse through your 12th house of dreams and secrets on Dec. 22, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season could start to feel a bit overwhelming. Take some alone time whenever you need it, and rest assured: you'll be ready to rejoin the pack starting on Jan. 1 when the speediest planet in our solar system resumes his forward motion.  


Are you ready to adopt a healthier attitude toward your finances, Aquarius? With Neptune — your money-ruling planet — now travelling forward through your second house of value and material possessions, encouraging you to rethink how you balance meeting your needs with satisfying your desires. Remember: ignoring your problems will only exacerbate them — you're called to be smart with your wealth during this transit. If you come to realize just how tight your budget is this year, consider that experiential gifts can be both memorable and wallet-friendly. 

On the social front, you could find dinners, game nights and get-togethers begin to fill up your schedule as Venus — your domestic ruling planet — speeds into your 11th house of friendship and goals on Dec. 29. You could also meet a new group of people who share your interests and ambitions during this time. Don't be afraid to let others into your life and embrace chance encounters. 


You've got an extraordinary ability to tune into a higher vibration, Pisces. This will be especially true now that Neptune — your ruling planet — is moving forward through your first house of self and first impressions. During this time, you may find yourself able to pick up on feelings, ideas and energies that others miss. While this could prevent your friends and family from being able to relate to your thinking at times, try to take it as an opportunity to open their minds. You're more influential than you think.  

Then, when Jupiter — your career-ruling planet — stations direct in your third house of communication and neighbours on Dec. 30, you'll have a beautiful chance to envision the next big step on your professional path. Discussing your passions and interests with the people in your inner sphere can open your eyes to opportunities you didn't even know existed. Let your enthusiasm be your light, and be ready to learn from everyone who crosses your path. 


Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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