What to give each zodiac sign for the holidays

Let astrologer Bryanna Collier help you find them something just right — for under $50.

Let astrologer Bryanna Collier help you find them something just right — for under $50

a collage of items on a dark blue watercolour background with gold stars on it. a candle, plant pot, puzzle, cookie stamp, bookends and vase with a flower in it are on the background.

Need a little help figuring out what to give a certain someone this holiday season? Consider referring to their zodiac sun or rising sign. Whether you're shopping for a family member, friend or colleague, you'll land on something that they'll find irresistible if you can appeal to elements of their most authentic self. Below, you'll find a list of inspired ideas, all under $50. (And who knows, if you scroll to your own sign, you could end up with an idea for your personal wish list as well.) 


A brown sheet mask in packaging.

These cardinal fire signs are known for their effervescent attitudes and indomitable nature, and are constantly on the go. So this year, remind your favourite ram how sweet a little TLC can be by treating them to a mini spa treatment. This caffeine mask from Health Hut is said to help soothe dry skin and reduce redness. And if Mars' retrograde in inquisitive Gemini has been dimming their usual energy of late, they'll be touched that you wanted to put some pep back into their step. 

100% Pure Caffeine Mask, $10, Health Hut


5 small pastel planters with plants in them on a white table with a grey background.

A Taurus can be challenging to shop for, but if you can find something that elevates their space, they're sure to cherish it. This handcrafted ceramic cup would make an eye-catching vessel for coffee or tea, a sweet planter for a small succulent, or an elegant desk accessory — perfect for a fixed earth sign who enjoys marrying practicality with beauty. Venus, Taurus's ruling planet, will be moving through ambitious Capricorn from now into the new year, so this piece's added dash of whimsy will also be welcome as they go after their goals. 

Fleur Cup, $42, High Noon


Overhead shot of four red, yellow and blue-patterned coasters.

Geminis typically love to chat and invite their friends over — their sign is ruled by communicative Mercury, after all. With that in mind, you may want to go with a gift that will complement their social lifestyle. These colourful, abstract-printed coasters will brighten their space — and protect their coffee table — as they entertain their nearest and dearest.

Poketo Bamboo Coasters, $34/set of 4, 313 Design Market


2 blue cookie stamps. One is sitting upright and one is sideways to show off the flower pattern on the bottom of the stamp.
(Source: Baa Baazaar)

Cancers tend to be happiest when they're at home, whether they're starting a new DIY project or cooking up something special. But while this cardinal water sign may already have every gadget they need to succeed in the kitchen, odds are they could use some help adding extra flair to their next batch of cookies. If they haven't been busy brainstorming their next recipe already, this darling stamp will provide a fresh dose of inspiration. 

Cookie Stamp - Rose, $25, Baa Baazaar


3 skin care products in glass packaging on a purple surface. They are: charcoal mask, a hydrating facial mist and facial oil.

If you have a Leo in your life, you probably already know they love being treated — and treating themselves — like royalty. These fixed fire signs aren't afraid to invest time into their self-care regimen, so why not help them step up their routine by giving them the chance to experiment with a few skin care products they may not have tried before? This gift set by Cardea AuSet includes an exfoliating charcoal mask, a hydrating facial mist and moisturizing night-time facial oil, making it a sure win for anyone who covets a glow-up. 

The Essentials Set, $38, Cardea AuSet


A hand-held milk frother with a black base.

Perfectionist Virgos are usually so good at taking care of their own needs that finding a gift for them can feel like an impossible task. However, something that's affordable, practical and satisfying to use will surely score you points down the road. If your Virgo loves lattes, they're bound to get a real kick out of frothing their milk with this handy gadget. 

Bodum Schiuma Milk Frother, $12.99, Real Canadian Superstore


A yellow taper candle with a base that's also made of wax.

Ruled by sensual Venus, Libras love injecting beauty into every aspect of their lives. And while those who are born under this cardinal air sign can be pretty particular about what they add to their home, you can't go wrong with something simple yet striking. A stunning piece to display or light, this candle collects any melted wax in its base. Its design is also a perfect mix between old and new — a balance any Libra will appreciate. 

Tallow candle, $35, Kenilworth Floral


A box with a picture of a full moon over a mountain range with a starry night sky.

Ruled by enigmatic Pluto, Scorpios are always solving some sort of mystery. Put their skills of deduction to the test this year with the gift of a mystical puzzle. They'll be filled with intrigue and satisfaction as they work to recreate this dreamy scene, and they just might invite you over to help if you're lucky.

Voyage 02 by Jenny Vivar, $40, The Great Indoors Puzzle Co. 


A royal blue glass bookend shaped like a rectangle, but curved at the top.

What do you get for the person who reads everything? A charming bookend, of course! Anyone who has this mutable fire sign in their chart will surely be happy to infuse more structure and beauty into their space. This curved glass piece will help your Sagittarius friend tidy up their collection while adding a little glamour to their library. 

Glass Bookend, Tall, Navy by Nota, $45, Indigo


A clear desk organizer with three drawers in it. It's filled with office supplies.

Even the most successful people can use a little support sometimes. Before your favourite Capricorn takes over the world, help them take control of the chaos on their desk with this sleek acrylic organizer. Given that their sign is ruled by disciplined Saturn, it's likely that this clean-lined storage piece will give them the shivers in the best way. 

Acrylic Case 3 Rows Large, $39.90, Muji


A round glass vase that's clear on top and purple on the bottom half. A single yellow flower is in it.

It's typical for an Aquarius to have a taste for the unusual, thanks in part to the sign being ruled by innovative Uranus. This can make picking out a gift for a water-bearer a bit challenging, but selecting a vase in a distinctive shape will almost certainly tickle their fancy. This hand-blown piece by GoodBeast is pinched and crumpled in all the right places, making this gift anything but ordinary. 

GoodBeast Purple Splash Bottom Softies Vase, $50 (on sale for $36), Ssense


A small terra cotta planter with a green plant in it and a clear crystal in the middle of the plant.

If you're stumped on what to get the Pisces in your life, try thinking outside the box. These dreamy people love to be surrounded by plants, but since they're also known to be a bit spacey, chances are they could use some extra assistance keeping their green friends alive. Help them tend to their winter foliage with this whimsical accessory, which dispenses water gradually over the course of three to four days. 

Kikkerland Water From a Crystal, $21.99 (on sale for $17.59),


Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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