Your horoscope for the week ahead: Release old ways of thinking and look to the future

As Aquarius season begins, we’re called to let go of self-limiting beliefs and investigate the unknown.

As Aquarius season begins, we’re called to let go of self-limiting beliefs and investigate the unknown

A snowy road at sunset with snow-covered trees. A pink illustrated wheel of zodiac signs sits in the middle, with a first quarter moon and a starry night sky in the middle of the wheel.

Have you been looking for new ways to give back? On Monday, when the spirit-driving sun in pragmatic Capricorn sextiles imaginative Neptune in compassionate Pisces, you could get a stronger sense of where to direct your energy. Use this hopeful aspect to tap into your empathetic side and figure out how you can assist those in need. 

Then, you could feel equal parts excited and scattered when the emotion-ruling moon waxes into her first quarter in energetic Aries on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your time zone. This lunation is known to help us overcome procrastination and get the ball rolling on our projects, but it can also create distractions that prevent us from reaching our goals. Instead of jumping headfirst into anything new, take a step back to evaluate what you really want to accomplish and how you might be able to get there. 

You'll have a chance to recollect your focus as intellectual Mercury sextiles disciplined Saturn on Thursday. Our minds are especially sharp when these planets work in harmony, making it easier for us to summon our wits and make wise decisions. Harness this energy to get up to speed on anything you might be behind on. 

Try to tread lightly when dealing with others on Friday, as a moody aspect has the potential to shake things up. When dramatic Venus squares dreamy Neptune, our shared reality can begin to fracture, leaving us feeling isolated or sad. Seek to recharge your batteries by indulging in your favourite self-care activities; movies, baths and sweet treats can all help you navigate these murky emotions. 

Starting Saturday, the spirit-driving sun will illuminate forward-thinking Aquarius, urging us to explore new ideas, groups and goals. When the sun moves through this fixed air sign, we're also called to reframe our thinking from an individual perspective to a more collective one. Seize this opportunity to nurture your imagination, let go of self-limiting beliefs and investigate the unknown. 

Finally, later on Saturday, power-driving Pluto will make his second pass through independent Aquarius in our lifetime. This transit will offer us a peek at how our responsibility to the planet and innovations in science and technology could affect each other over the next 20 years. As the planet of death, evolution and rebirth re-enters Aquarius, we're also encouraged to be extra observant of any shifts in power that occur. It's time to release old ways of thinking and look to the future. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, January 15, 2024.


Are you ready to put your creative mind to work, Aries? At the start of this week, you'll be in a prime position to use your talents to do some serious good. Spend a little time researching organizations that may benefit from your support; your generosity will not go unnoticed. Meanwhile, if you find your days are getting busier, you may want to take a step back to reassess your schedule. Harness this moment to get organized so you can propel your passion projects forward. When it comes to your social life, you could be a bit of a busy bee over the next few weeks. Have fun mixing things up with people who celebrate your inner fire. 


Do you feel as though you've reached a fork in the road, Taurus? Don't hesitate to rely on your nearest and dearest this week as you mull over which direction to go in. Your loved ones can provide valuable insights when it comes to where you might invest your energy, time and money moving forward. On the work front, you may notice your professional life starting to take centre stage over the next few weeks. Now is your chance to redirect your energy toward growing your public persona and better establishing yourself in your field. It's time to share your ideas — and steer the ship.


Consider how you can use your creative flair to level up your career, Gemini. At the start of the week, your mind will be feeling refreshed, making it an ideal moment to revisit — and potentially reimagine — old projects and ideas. Come midweek, you could be in the mood to reflect on your shared history with loved ones. Perhaps these conversations will even inspire you to take care of a long-standing project that'll bring you closer together. Then, as Aquarius season begins, you may feel called to break out of your usual routine. Dive back into travel, continuing education or any activity that encourages you to look at the world through a new lens. 


Have you been wanting to forge more long-lasting relationships, Cancer? Practising self-love and compassion could be the best place to start. So don't be afraid to carve out some time to tend to your own emotional well-being at the top of this week. Meanwhile, your desire for connection could inspire you to seek out more clever and exciting ways of maintaining your friendships. Go ahead and reach out to your favourite people to start planning your next big adventure together. Then, if an inspired conversation with a trusted friend or partner starts to get your money-making mind whirring, be sure to seize the moment before it passes. 


You've got an eye for excellence, Leo. And this week, you may be called to employ it in order to iron out some wrinkles in your finances. This will be a prime opportunity to not only take charge of your bills and debts but level up your financial literacy overall. Use what you learn to tweak your spending and saving habits and establish a timeline for reaching your goals that actually makes sense. Meanwhile, all this focus on money could stir up fresh ambitions that inspire you to take on more responsibilities or work. No matter what you do, remember that you have the power to harness change — a positive attitude will be key to your success. 


You could be on the verge of an exciting career or creative journey this week, Virgo. And if you can drum up the courage to bounce your ideas off of other people, their encouragement could go a long way. Perhaps you're ready to commit to your side gig full-time or invest more energy into your art. Whatever it is, don't hesitate to reach out to family members or colleagues for advice; they may even help you figure out a way to gather valuable experience or education. Then, once you've figured out what to do, you'll be able to create a day-to-day routine that better supports your dreams. 


Does it feel as if you've been going through the motions for a little too long, Libra? This week, take a moment to reset your focus and meditate on your true purpose. Contemplating your values and needs could offer a fresh perspective on where best to direct your energy. While this might feel like a rude awakening at first, you'll be happy to escape the track you've been circling and start moving forward again. Then, once you've gotten the work out of the way, you'll be ready to indulge in a little fun, starting this weekend. If you're single, this Aquarius season will be a delightful time to meet new people. Meanwhile, attached Libras can enjoy being more spontaneous with their partners. 


Your career is full of potential right now, Scorpio. And if you're willing to explore some out-of-the-box ideas, you could open the door to several professional opportunities at the start of the week. Perhaps you'll be inspired to lend your talents to a different industry or an organization that's dear to your heart. If you're still exploring your options, try to find someone trustworthy to discuss your ideas with. Thinking out loud with a colleague or mentor can help you establish what steps you should take next. Then, as Aquarius season begins, you may need to retreat to your comfort zone to replenish your energy. Remember you can't pour from an empty cup.  


Your ability to recognize patterns can provide you with valuable foresight, Sagittarius. And at the start of this week in particular, you'll be called to tap into your past experiences and intuition to evaluate how you could spend your energy more effectively at work. This is a brilliant opportunity to apply your know-how and eliminate tasks that waste your time and money. Then, starting now and over the next four weeks, you could find yourself blessed with a new influx of activity in your social sphere. If you've been looking to get involved in your community or to get to know your neighbours, seize this moment to connect with people and exchange thought-provoking ideas. 


Taking care of yourself doesn't have to be a chore, Capricorn. This week, you'll be invited to explore fresh ways of nurturing your spiritual side that bring you pleasure. Practising slow movement, listening to relaxing music, and journaling are all beautiful ways to unwind and reflect on your blessings. Meanwhile, a miscommunication at work could send you reeling, so you'd be wise to guard your speech extra carefully in professional settings. If you do end up tripping over your words, try your best to have self-compassion, and remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes. 


You've got a big heart, Aquarius. And at the top of this week, you may feel driven by a desire to give back to your community. Whether you choose to volunteer or get involved with a non-profit, tune into how uplifting the lives of others can help to re-energize your spirit. Come mid-week, you'll want to be mindful of talking about money with friends and family as the subject could be more delicate than usual. If you must talk about finances with the people you love, make sure you're prepared before you broach the topic. Then, as your astrological season begins this weekend, seize the moment to step into the limelight and shine. 


Are you ready to make space for beautiful friendships to blossom, Pisces? Trying out different activities, sports or hobbies could be a great way to put yourself out there and expand your social circle. So this week, take the opportunity to explore new interests and practices; you could end up meeting some like-minded people. Meanwhile, talking about your career trajectory with your loved ones could give you the encouragement you need to pursue your next big professional goal. Pay attention to how voicing your goals out loud can help you to act with more intention. 


Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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