Your special 2024 horoscope: Monumental shifts are on the horizon

The next age of Aquarius is upon us.

The next age of Aquarius is upon us

Collage of a snowy mountain with a sunrise over it and a starry night sky in the background. An illustrated wheel of zodiac signs sits overtop the mountains and a glittery 2024 sit in the middle of the image.

The most significant transit of the year kicks off on Jan. 20, when transformative Pluto enters forward-thinking Aquarius. Pluto is a generational planet, meaning his movements are slow and his impact is often powerful. During this period, we must learn to work collectively to better ourselves and the planet. Use this transit to experiment with a new, more humanitarian way of living. The planet of rebirth will dip back into ambitious Capricorn on Sept. 1, marking his final trip through the cardinal earth sign in our lifetime and helping us wrap up lessons about how we relate to our worldly resources. You'll be happy to have undergone this evolution once Pluto re-enters Aquarius on Nov. 19 and begins his long-term residence, which will last until 2044.

Buckle up for some major shake-ups around April 20, when optimistic Jupiter conjuncts innovative Uranus in security-loving Taurus. This ultra-rare aspect is known to usher in breakthroughs and surprises, and has the potential to serve as a real turning point in our lives. Harness this moment to explore different ways of thinking about your comfort and stability — and be willing to accept happy accidents along the way.

Then, as prosperous Jupiter in warmhearted Taurus sextiles dreamy Neptune in intuitive Pisces on May 23, we're encouraged to discuss life's biggest questions with our nearest and dearest. This is also an ideal time for exchanging knowledge with people you trust and plotting your next creative move. Enjoy nurturing your imagination and seeing where it leads you. Just make sure you're prepared to grab hold of any flashes of inspiration, as potential projects could evaporate as quickly as they appear. 

You could receive a much-needed boost when the second most significant transit of 2024 takes place on May 25. As abundant Jupiter enters inquisitive Gemini, we often find ourselves blessed with a newfound hunger for knowledge and a keen ability to digest information. And while the planet of luck, wisdom and growth can have difficulty expressing his powers when travelling through the mutable air sign — meaning we'll have to be stricter with our energy and attention to see our projects through — this transit still offers a brilliant opportunity to explore your imagination and test out your wildest schemes. Not everything will stick, but at least you'll know where you stand.

Challenges are often just opportunities in disguise — and you'll be wise to keep that in mind when Jupiter goes on to square disciplined Saturn in sensitive Pisces on Aug. 19. This aspect can make us extra aware of our vices, motivating us to release negative behaviours that might be holding us back from achieving success. After all, once you know the truth, you can't return to the way things were; choose to enlighten yourself and break the cycle. Jupiter will form a second square with Saturn on Dec. 24, echoing these lessons and themes. Take note of them and you'll have the chance to redirect yourself toward a brighter future.  

Read on to find out what's in store for your sign in 2024. 


Are you ready to retrace your steps, Aries? You could feel tempted to indulge your nostalgia and take a trip down memory lane this year, particularly as Jupiter — your intellect- and adventure-ruler — sextiles Neptune — your spirituality-driving planet — on May 23. This aspect could even inspire you to embark on a retrospective journey with friends. Just remember that people can often be encouraging yet noncommittal under this influence; try not to be too upset if your plans fizzle out. 

Then, you'll want to stay extra tight-lipped around your colleagues and neighbours when Jupiter in your third house of communication squares Saturn, your career-ruler, in your 12th house of secrets and dreams on both Aug. 19 and Dec. 24. Gossip, idle chatter and punching down are all advised against, as conflicts could easily get blown out of proportion or result in bruised egos. You can steer clear of embarrassment by being mindful of your words, no matter how much truth is in them. 


Love can help you reach your professional goals, Taurus. And this could prove especially true as Pluto — your romance-ruling planet — enters your 10th house of career and public life on Jan. 20. If you're single, this transit may inspire you to link up with someone who truly respects your ambitions. You might even meet this person through work. Meanwhile, those in relationships could find that a change in profession or position is possible with their partner's support. Be sure to clearly communicate your desire to succeed.

Then, stay open to new opportunities that arise around April 20, when lucky Jupiter conjuncts your career-driving planet, Uranus, in your first house of appearances and the self. Pursuing an idea that you previously put on the back burner could also bring you great success during this period. Whatever you do, don't hide in the shadows; if you're willing to brave the spotlight and present a polished public face, you'll be able to win favours and establish yourself as an expert in your field. 


Life is too short to keep sticking to the same old routine, Gemini. So as Pluto, which rules over your health and wellness, makes his way into your ninth house of travel and philosophy on Jan. 20, seize the opportunity to start experimenting with your schedule. The small changes you make to your day-to-day during this transit could end up having a powerful impact on how you take care of yourself for years to come. Absorb as much information and advice as you can from others as well — you can use it to design your ideal life. 

Then, your self-confidence will start to soar as Jupiter, your love-ruler, enters your first house of appearances and the self on May 25. Your sunny personality and magnetic charm could also draw people in even more than usual under this influence, and if you're single, you might end up attracting someone who feeds off this charisma. Regardless of your relationship status, be mindful that this transit could split your attention; staying present and aware of other people's feelings will help you sustain meaningful connections. 


Have you been itching to explore a new hobby or activity, Cancer? You could find yourself drawn toward all things unusual when Pluto, which governs your pleasure and creativity, enters your eighth house of transformation and death on Jan. 20. Perhaps you'll be inspired to start a podcast, learn a new language or even take up tarot reading. Enjoy delving into life's mysteries and nurturing unexpected new interests. Just know that any activities you test out now could become a big part of your life for the next two decades.

Then, when Jupiter, your wellness-ruler, enters your 12th house of dreams and secrets on May 25, you could feel tempted to retreat back into your crab shell. If you do notice yourself becoming more introverted during this period, seize this moment to really nourish your inner self. Slow down and give your mind and body a chance to recover from the stresses of everyday life. Practising meditation, doing some yoga and going for a walk are all wonderful ways to stay in tune with your physical being without over-exerting yourself. 


Learning how to lean on others can actually make you stronger, Leo. So when Pluto, your domestic-ruling planet, enters your seventh house of relationships on Jan. 20, don't be afraid to reach out to the people in your life for support. As a natural leader, you may find it difficult, but improving this skill will be a big theme for you in 2024. Allow yourself the chance to bend, change and grow your bonds. Working to accept compromise and appreciate differing opinions will also be key — and could change the way you perceive relationships for decades to come. 

Meanwhile, are you interested in playing matchmaker? You have the potential to mastermind a beautiful love connection in your social sphere on or around June 2, when optimistic Jupiter in your 11th house of friendship and goals trines Pluto in your seventh house of relationships. Just remember not to push things too hard; subtlety will be the key to your success. Not keen on playing Cupid? This could also be an ideal time to test out the water with one of your crushes. 


What feels like common sense to you could still be news to the rest of the world, Virgo. So don't hesitate to share any ideas you've been sitting on, especially as Jupiter — your domestic-ruler — conjuncts your health-focused planet, Uranus, in your ninth house of travel and philosophy on April 20. This is a beautiful moment to summon your know-how and reveal your insights and creations with others. Who knows? It could even lead you to a rewarding professional opportunity that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. 

Then, you could find yourself brimming with ideas for levelling up your space when Jupiter in your ninth house sextiles Neptune, your love-ruler, in your seventh house of relationships on May 23. This is a great time to map out your design concepts, create mood boards and make outlines for any home improvement projects. Just try not to let your grand plans fall by the wayside when you start to lose momentum; you'll need to hone your focus to really break ground after the initial rush of inspiration passes.  


Exercising your creative muscles could prove ultra-rewarding this year, Libra. You're encouraged to channel your inner artist and start chasing your passions, particularly as your money-ruling planet, Pluto enters your fifth house of creativity and pleasure on Jan. 20. Have fun starting from scratch and experimenting with new ways of expressing yourself. Engaging in trial and error will help you to find your voice and figure out what you love most so that you can embark on your next era with confidence. 

Then, you could start to crave all kinds of fresh experiences when Jupiter — your communication-ruler — enters your ninth house of travel and philosophy on May 25. This is also a wonderful time to pour yourself into researching a new subject. Perhaps you'll even stumble upon a book, audiobook or podcast that shifts how you see the world. Challenge yourself to break out of your comfort zone — who knows where you might end up?  


Have you been contemplating making some serious adjustments to your relationships, Scorpio? You could feel particularly driven to do so when Pluto — your ruling planet — enters your fourth house of family and private life on Jan. 20. But while your thirst for change could tempt you to knock down walls right away, it's essential that you have a plan in place before you start rebuilding your foundations. Do your best to be precise with your actions, words and intentions during this period; you have a beautiful chance to heal your connections.    

Then, when your money-minded planet — Jupiter — enters your eighth house of transformation and death on May 25, you could be blessed with a renewed interest in understanding your finances. Seize this moment to put on your detective hat and really familiarize yourself with your budget, debts and investments. This is a wonderful opportunity to repair past money mistakes and plan for future purchases. Once you've gained this clarity on your cash, you'll be ready to move forward with confidence. 


Small talk won't be enough to satisfy you this year, Sagittarius. In fact, when your spirituality-ruling planet, Pluto, enters your third house of communication on Jan. 20, you could feel especially inspired to discuss your beliefs on reality and existence with others. While these sensitive subjects may be heavy to navigate, they're sure to prove fascinatingly rich. Just be sure to tread carefully, as not everyone will be as courageous as you in these meaty discussions.

Then, you could feel inspired to elevate and optimize your space when Jupiter, your ruling planet, sextiles Neptune, your domestic-ruler, on May 23. Focusing on your home may be a little new to you as one of the most adventurous signs of the zodiac, but don't hesitate to settle in and get creative. You'll want to keep a pen and paper handy, as brilliant ideas could disappear as quickly as they arrive. Just remember: this is an ideal moment for planning — not shopping, building or renovating. Try to give your ideas time to gel before you get going. 


You're known as one of the zodiac's most ambitious players, Capricorn. And starting Jan. 20, you may feel the urge to direct some of that tenacity toward creating a more secure financial foundation for yourself, with transformative Pluto entering your second house of value and security. Beliefs that you once held about money could also start to shift during this period, forcing you to shake up your strategies for growing your earnings. Use this moment to consider how you can optimize your wealth without sacrificing your comfort. 

Then, when Jupiter, which governs your spirituality, conjuncts Uranus, your money-ruler, in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure on April 20, you could feel inspired to seek out new ways of engaging with your community and supporting causes that are close to your heart. Fundraising, volunteering and sharing your talents can all make a real difference, so don't underestimate your influence. 


Are you eager to embark on the next chapter of your career, Aquarius? You could get the boost you've been waiting for when Pluto, which oversees your professional world, enters your first house of appearances and the self on Jan. 20. This will be an ideal time to test the waters and work on better establishing yourself in your desired field, so do your best to avoid superficial or shallow interactions and show up authentically. If you can tap into your divine compassion, you'll be able to realize your vision. 

Then, when abundant Jupiter conjuncts your ruling planet, Uranus, in your fourth house of family and private life on April 20, expect the unexpected. Annoying problems could crop up under this influence, but luckily your creative mind will be firing, making it easier for you to find quick solutions to them. On a positive note, this aspect could also encourage a loved one to take your insights to heart and surprise you with something you've been hinting at. 


You'll be in a unique position to expand your professional network in 2024, Pisces. And this will be especially true when Jupiter, your career-fueling planet, sextiles your ruling planet, Neptune, on May 23. You'll be endowed with a fresh dose of confidence, making this a wonderful moment to seek out opportunities and forge fresh connections. Make a real effort to maintain any bonds you strike up; it could help you cement a favourable outcome.  

Then, as Jupiter makes his way into your fourth house of home and private life on May 25, try to be open to accepting friendly advice from your loved ones. They could offer some particularly valuable insights around your professional goals. You're also encouraged to lean on your support system during this transit if you feel you need to. Spending time with your nearest and dearest in your safe haven will help you reduce any stress as you navigate your career journey. 


Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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