Your horoscope for the week ahead: The new moon in Capricorn will help you unlock hidden desires

Look within as you choose your direction — and remember: fortune favours the bold.

Look within as you choose your direction — and remember: fortune favours the bold

Collage of a night sky over the ocean in winter. Snowy mountains are in the background with an illustrated wheel of zodiac signs behind the mountains. A waning crescent moon sits in the middle of the wheel.

Don't believe everything you hear at the beginning of this week. When communication-ruling Mercury squares imaginative Neptune on Monday, you could be more prone to falling for deception. Do your best to avoid slipping into paranoia and focus on finding clarity as you navigate this confusing aspect.

You'll be ready to pour yourself into your work and explore new ways of thinking as the ego-ruling sun in ambitious Capricorn trines innovative Uranus in hard-working Taurus on Tuesday. Harness this enthusiasm and drive to conquer any challenge that lies in your path. You could be amazed by the opportunities that emerge when you put in the extra effort. 

A second powerful meeting of the planets will come a few hours later when energetic Mars sextiles disciplined Saturn. This aspect encourages us to become methodical in our planning and precise in our actions. If you've been waiting for the right time to launch a particular project, idea or even a relationship, this could be an ideal moment to do so. 

Then, when the emotion-ruling moon begins a new cycle in confident Capricorn on Thursday, we'll have a beautiful opportunity to start making significant shifts to our inner worlds. The first new moon of the year is known to be full of promise and has the power to unlock hidden desires that can help to define our choices for the next 12 months. Look within as you pick a direction — and remember: fortune favours the bold.

Our romantic and social relationships could both receive a boost as fiery Mars trines abundant Jupiter on Friday. This aspect urges us to speak up about what we need so we can forge stronger connections. So don't be afraid to go out on a limb as these heavenly bodies dance in the sky. It's time to follow your intuition and ask for what you want. 

Finally, after a wobbly holiday season full of retrograde activity, we could start to find our stride again as speedy Mercury makes his way into no-nonsense Capricorn on Saturday. You'll be wise to use the next three weeks of this transit to refine your thinking and simplify your schedule. Once you've had a chance to organize the chaos, you'll be able to take meaningful steps toward realizing your vision.

Here is your horoscope for the week Monday, January 8, 2024.


Looking back can help you move forward, Aries. So at the beginning of this week, don't hesitate to carve out some time to reflect on your career and consider where you want to go next. Rely on your know-how and gut as you mull over your professional path. Meanwhile, you may find it beneficial to ask yourself: what is it all for? Take a moment to consider why you work as hard as you do. This is a brilliant opportunity for you to start better aligning your goals in your public and private lives. Set an intention to solidify your standing at work so you can create a stronger foundation for your loved ones. 


It's time to start chasing those big dreams, Taurus. At the beginning of this week, you're encouraged to follow your ambition as it reaches exciting new heights. Your loved ones will be eager to support you, so don't be afraid to link up with the people in your life who can help you realize your vision. Then, you may want to consider how nurturing your philosophical side could enrich your day-to-day life. This is an ideal week to try out a new class or ponder a more serious return to school. Choose to spend your energy where your mind will thrive; an investment in your education is sure to pay off.


Do things feel a bit tangled up right now, Gemini? It'll be up to you to sort through any confusion that arises in your work or home life at the start of this week. Do your best to stay flexible and summon your compassion when dealing with your family or coworkers; showing that you can maintain your poise while navigating conflict could do wonders for your reputation. Meanwhile, beginning now and continuing over the next three weeks, you'll have a unique opportunity to seize more power in your romantic world. Don't be afraid to go deep; cultivating intimacy will be key to enriching your love life. 


Have you been looking for the right person to partner up with, Cancer? You'll be in a prime position to collaborate this week and could even end up connecting with an ideal match in friendship, work or love. Take a moment to meditate on what your perfect counterpart really looks like and remind yourself of the qualities you possess that draw other people in. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate what you bring to the table and let your confidence shine through. Then, you can focus on learning how to play off of each other's strengths while planning your next big move together. 


Don't be afraid to break out of your usual routines, Leo. At the start of this week, opening yourself up to new ways of doing things could lead you toward an exciting new passion or project that you'll be eager to pursue. And if chasing these interests gives you a taste of a different professional path, don't hesitate to explore those opportunities; your loved ones will be happy to cheer you on. Meanwhile, you'll be blessed with a meticulous eye, making it a wonderful time to tackle financial matters. Use your heightened attention to detail to iron out any kinks in your spending. Then, maybe, you can treat yourself to something special. 


Take a second to pause and really appreciate your blessings at the start of this week, Virgo. You may find it helpful to consider how your relationships with others help enrich your day-to-day experiences, encouraging you to live in the moment. If you're up for it, this is a brilliant time to ask your favourite people to join you for an impromptu walk or meal; a small adventure could end up adding colour to your life in a major way. If you're single, this might also be an ideal time to make the first move with a potential partner. Your invitation has the power to brighten their day and perhaps even spark a meaningful connection. 


Could your surroundings use a little love, Libra? At the start of this week, you may feel inspired to finally break ground on a home improvement project that's long overdue. Just be sure to discuss your plans for any shared spaces with your loved ones or roommates before you start hammering away. On the career front, you could get an opportunity to begin a new chapter this week. As you prepare to take this next step, consider how your priorities may have changed over the past year. Think about what's within your control and how you can channel your efforts to create more stability in your domestic world.  


Lucrative ideas can arise from unexpected places, Scorpio. Remember that if you find yourself discussing your professional ambitions with family members this week. Their insights could help you look at your career from an illuminating new angle, and you may even get the opportunity to collaborate on a new project or business venture; don't rule anything or anyone out. Come mid-week, you may feel ready to start laying the groundwork for healthy new habits. Have fun exploring different activities that are aimed at improving your mental and physical health. If you find a plan you can stick with now, the results could be fantastic. 


You don't always have to see eye to eye with everyone, Sagittarius. But it's important that you learn how to practice kindness when delivering your opinions. Keep this in mind this week if you find yourself disagreeing with others. Meanwhile, if your loved ones or coworkers approach you with news that feels misleading or confusing, tap into your wits. Channeling your inner detective will help you get to the bottom of things and find solutions that make sense. When it comes to your personal goals, now is an ideal time to imagine new possibilities. Think about the hurdles you could overcome if you can figure out how to really prioritize your stability and security.


It's time to ask for what you want, Capricorn. At the beginning of the week, you're called to open up and clearly communicate your needs to your nearest and dearest. Being vulnerable will allow you to express any desires that have gone unmet so you can work to heal old wounds. Mid-week, you could reignite an old passion by revisiting certain goals or projects that you previously put on the back burner. Seize this opportunity to realign yourself with your true purpose. Then, spend some time journaling about what you want to accomplish in the future so you can chart a new path. 


Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane, Aquarius? This week, you could find yourself drawn to revisit old journals, photo albums and keepsakes. As fond memories of your nearest and dearest arise, reflect on how these relationships help you cultivate a sense of security — and consider how you can manifest even more love in your life. Meanwhile, you may find that retracing the past provides you with a flash of inspiration to break out of your comfort zone and make a big change. Think of it as an emotional reset of sorts; this is an ideal opportunity to free yourself from any destructive habits or thoughts that may be holding you back. 


Steer clear of confusion by sticking to what you know, Pisces. People could try to prey on your sweet spirit at the start of this week, so you'll be wise to avoid agreeing to anything new. You'll be ready to get back into the game once the fog has cleared. Mid-week, you may feel compelled to redirect your energy toward your social circle and community. It's time to spread your wings and fly, social butterfly. Let the potential for collaboration, fun and creativity invigorate you, and have fun immersing yourself in projects that stimulate your artistic mind. If you're single, you could even make a romantic connection in the process. 


Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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