Meet the 4-year-old twins who play Lyndy on Heartland

A Q&A with the Spencer twins, who play Lyndy on CBC's Heartland.
Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer at the Heartland Ranch (The Official Spencer Twins Facebook page)

Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer are 4-year-old identical twins who share the role of "Lyndy" on CBC's Heartland. The girls absolutely love going to set and seeing all the friendly faces, having their hair and makeup done (mostly lotion and sunscreen) and getting to play "make believe" in front of the cameras. Heartland has been such a big part of their lives from when they were babies and Ruby and Emmanuella believe that many of the cast and crew are our extended family. 

There were many days when we were leaving set to go home and the girls were upset because they wanted to stay at the Heartland ranch or studio. During filming of both Heartland season 13 and just recently, Season 14, we had to keep track of whose "turn" it was to go in front of the camera because they both love it! Ruby and Emmanuella usually switch in between set up of scenes and sometimes in between takes. In fact, nearly all scenes that you see air on tv contain both Ruby and Emmanuella. Luckily they are identical!

Ruby Spencer, Emmanuella Spencer and Amber Marshall (The official Spencer Twins Facebook page)

A lot of fans comment on the close bond between Amy and Lyndy, and we attribute that bond to the time they spend together both on and off set. The girls genuinely love Amber Marshall and especially enjoy going to her farm to see all the animals! When you see Lyndy snuggle in to Amy on your tv screen it isn't scripted and is just part of their natural relationship. 

Have you ever wondered what showbiz is like from a 4 year olds perspective? The girls were interviewed individually to see their responses to a few questions. 

What do you do on set?

Ruby: Ride Talon and the big horse, eat breakfast, and have my hair done. 

Emmanuella: Do scenes, eat food and drink and play. 


What's your favourite thing about being on set?

R: Riding on the big horse and seeing Mum Mum (Amber Marshall). 

E: Playing.


Do you like filming in the studio or at the Heartland ranch best? 

R: The studio because it's a shorter drive (from home).  

E: Both!


What's your character's name on Heartland?

R: Lyndy

E: Lyndy 


Can the cast and crew tell you apart?

R: They maybe get mixed up. 

E: They mix us up.


Who is your favourite horse?

R: Talon (who plays Monty). 

E: The big horse and Talon because I can ride him by myself. 


What's your favourite colour? Food? Thing to do?

R: Dark pink, green, purple and blue; Pizza; Playing with my sisters. 

E: Rainbow and glitter; sushi; colouring.


Are you on tv?

R: No, I just do filming and stuff. 

E: No!!!! That's a silly joke!

As you can see, Ruby and Emmanuella really love being part of the Heartland family and, fingers crossed, we hope they will be back on set in 2021 for season 15!

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