Your special spring equinox 2023 horoscope is here

A powerful new moon solar eclipse could usher in surprises or unexpected news.

A powerful new moon solar eclipse could usher in surprises or unexpected news

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A beautiful new astrological year begins on March 20 when the ego-ruling sun enters adventurous Aries. This celebratory time will brighten our spirits, inspiring us to pursue our passions, tackle new challenges and view the world through fresh eyes. 

One of 2023's most important transits will also occur during this time, with transformative Pluto making his way into idealistic Aquarius — where he'll reside for the next two decades. Pluto last moved through this sign from 1778 to 1798, a period that saw monumental social change all over the world. After March 23, he promises to shift our attitude toward power structures once again. Prepare to embrace a forward-thinking Aquarian attitude and shed materialistic beliefs. As a collective, we'll be ready to prioritize what's truly best for the whole of humanity. 

On April 19/20 (depending on your time zone), in the final hours of the sun's movement through Aries, we'll be greeted by a new moon solar eclipse. While each new moon offers a chance to set an intention, lunar cycles that begin during solar eclipses allow us to create real change with minimal effort. This powerful lunar event challenges us to make space in our lives for the things that really help us grow. We could also receive surprises or unexpected news around this time — prepare to embark on an adventure that will transform you from within. 

You'll be wise to slow down when Mercury enters his pre-retrograde shadow period in cautious Taurus on April 7. Mistakes and miscommunications can easily occur both before and after the messenger planet's backward spin, so it's important that we take our time — and stay on our toes. Mercury will officially station retrograde on April 21, shifting how we tackle our day-to-day responsibilities. Seize this chance to check in on your productivity, adjust your daily habits and optimize your routines before he stations direct again on May 14. 

When Pluto stations retrograde in rebellious Aquarius on May 1, we'll be encouraged to prune back any elements of our lives that may have gone haywire. Secrets could also start to be revealed as the planet of death and rebirth moves in reverse. If you happen to find yourself seeing things in a new light during this transit, just remember: while ignorance may be bliss, knowledge is power. 

On May 5, a lunar eclipse will arrive in strategic Scorpio, shifting how we approach the gathering and sharing of resources. This event can help reveal what we no longer need in our lives. We may also find ourselves unable to ignore our flaws and motivated to hold ourselves to a higher standard. 

Then, when lucky Jupiter enters pragmatic Taurus on May 16, we could start to adopt a new appreciation for what we have. As he moves through this fixed earth sign, the planet of abundance encourages us to be more practical in assessing our needs. It's essential that we temper our passion during this transit in order to move forward with endurance, not haste. 

Finally, with summer on the horizon, disciplined Saturn will station retrograde in sensitive Pisces. As the ringed planet moves in reverse through this mutable water sign, beginning on June 17, he asks us to learn from our mistakes. If you find yourself getting swept up in nostalgia, revisiting all your highs and lows, try to shift gears and harness this insightful transit to step up your game — you're sure to emerge with a renewed sense of self. 

Here is your special spring equinox horoscope for 2023.


You're about to get some much-deserved recognition, Aries. As the sun — which governs your creativity and pleasure — enters your first house of appearances and the self on March 20, you'll be turning heads and leaving a positive impression on all who cross your path. Don't be surprised if your inbox starts to fill with invitations during this time.   

Then, a restless mood could begin to wash over you around April 19/20, when your domestic-ruling moon conjuncts the sun, spurring you to act spontaneously. In this moment, it could feel as though your skin is electric or like you have too many ideas that you want to express. Just try your best to relax, follow the energies that invigorate you and trust that you're headed in the right direction. An exciting new journey of self is on the horizon.


Are you ready for a eureka moment, Taurus? On April 19/20, when the sun — which rules over your home and family life — conjuncts the emotion-ruling moon in your 12th house of secrets and beliefs, you may be confronted with some strange dreams or memories. Be sure to keep a notebook handy so you can write down any strokes of inspiration that come to you in the dead of night. You could even drum up ideas for improving your space — or turning your living situation totally upside down. 

Later that day, the sun moves into your first house of appearances and the self. During this transit, you may notice that people seem more in tune with your laid-back attitude. You could even become a beacon of sorts, with others hanging on your every word, eager to gather any wisdom they can. If you begin to find all this attention exhausting, consider how you might be able to use your current influence to your benefit. 


You're a sponge for information, Gemini. And when Pluto, which governs your health and work, enters your ninth house of higher education on March 23, you'll be ready to fully embrace your thirst for knowledge and dive into intellectual pursuits. This long-lasting transit could inspire you to teach yourself new skills or perhaps even return to school. However you choose to feed your mind, it will surely be time well spent. 

Then, as your love-ruler, Jupiter, sashays into your 12th house of secrets and dreams on May 16, you could be inspired to open up your heart. If you're in a relationship, perhaps you'll finally be ready to let your partner look behind the curtain and into your inner world. Meanwhile, single Geminis are invited to take chances and follow their intuition. This transit offers a beautiful opportunity to find a partner you can feel truly comfortable with — insecurities and all. 


Are you ready to walk on the wild side, Cancer? As Pluto, which oversees your creativity and entertainment, glides into your eighth house of mystery and renewal on March 23, you'll be able to find some new ways of having fun. Perhaps you're eager to explore the darker, more rebellious aspects of your personality. Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone — excitement lies ahead if you're willing to take a leap of faith. 

Then, on April 19/20, the new moon solar eclipse in your 10th house of career and ambition could ignite fresh passion from deep within. At the same time, the sun — which governs your relationship to money — will conjunct your personality-driving moon in fiery Aries, making you a force to be reckoned with. Don't hesitate to choose adventure as you go about designing your next big dream.


Are you prepared to see the world through others' eyes, Leo? When Pluto — which rules over your domestic world — enters your seventh house of partnership and connection on March 23, your awareness will expand, helping you better understand the needs and perspectives of the people you care about most. You have a chance to really strengthen your bonds during this transit, so do your best to let your walls down and allow intimacy to thrive. 

If you've been feeling like your daily routines could use a refresh, you may finally get the opportunity to do so as summer approaches. On June 17, wellness-minded Saturn will station retrograde in your eighth house of transformation and renewal, inspiring you to take on new challenges. Remind yourself of the activities that once brought you joy, and consider how you can level up your approach to self-care. Remember: Taking small steps forward can have a huge impact on your mood.


Have you been craving inspiration lately, Virgo? When Mercury — your ruling and career-guiding planet — stations retrograde in your ninth house of higher education and travel on April 21, you may benefit from a change of pace. Perhaps you're ready to explore the possibility of working in a new field or plan a trip that will get your creative juices flowing. Mercury's retrograde motion will also give you a chance to sharpen your professional focus. If you can revisit old ideas with fresh eyes, you'll be able to make real progress.

Then, when Saturn — your pleasure-ruling planet — stations retrograde in your seventh house of partnership and connection on June 17, you could find yourself reviewing past relationships to examine your role in their outcomes. You may even feel the itch to totally rewrite your relationship rulebook. Instead, try to use this time to focus on the light you currently bring to others. Allow yourself to be present with the people you love and create happy memories.


If anyone can strike a balance, it's you, Libra. But when it comes to managing your resources, it might be helpful to remind yourself that you're also entitled to enjoy life. When Pluto, your financial-ruling planet, enters your fifth house of creativity on March 23, take the time to adjust your budget so you have enough cash to explore new hobbies and celebrate the people you love. 

Beginning May 16, you could find yourself able to handle any conversation that comes your way with finesse and composure. Jupiter, who rules over your communication, will make his way into your eighth house of mystery and transformation, helping you to navigate complex subjects with ease. Harness this newfound superpower to offer others comfort, direction and support when they need it most.  


Do you have your walls up, Scorpio? When Pluto, one of your ruling planets, enters your fourth house of family and private life on March 23, you may be ready to adopt a new attitude toward your boundaries. Perhaps you're ready to loosen them and turn your focus to your closest relationships. As you become aware of new realities in your personal sphere, your values could shift — it may be time to evolve your thinking and open up to the people you love most.

If you're currently attached, conversations around your shared finances could arise when money-minded Jupiter enters your seventh house of partnership and connection on May 16. Jupiter will inhabit this house for the next year, helping you lay down a foundation for success. If you're single, this transit could encourage you to lean on others when seeking financial advice or support. Remember: you don't always have to go at it alone. 


Get ready to share your thoughts with others, Sagittarius. When Pluto — who governs your spirituality — makes his way into your third house of communication and community on March 23, you'll have a chance to harness your unique point of view to help open hearts and minds. Your inner self will be eager to speak out and connect with people who need encouragement. Channel this newfound confidence to bring attention to causes near and dear to your heart.

On May 16, Jupiter — your ruling planet — will cruise into your sixth house of health and work, strengthening your drive and inspiring you to create better habits. The energy of this transit promises to be tempered, allowing you to enjoy a drama-free upward trajectory. Rewards will come from steady effort, so seize this opportunity to build up your stamina and pursue your goals.


Are you looking to bring more love into your life, Capricorn? Whether you're single or attached, you'll have the chance to gain some clarity around your expectations in relationships when the ego-driving sun conjuncts the love-ruling moon in your fourth house of family and private life on April 20. This transit could bring you flashes of insight and even usher new people into your personal sphere. 

Then, you'll be able to find magic just about everywhere you look when your spirituality-ruling planet, Jupiter, enters your fifth house of creativity and romance on May 16. Everyone may not share your same lust for life, but keep marching to the beat of your own drum as the lucky planet moves through this happy astrological house. You could be headed toward an exciting new project that highlights your artistic talents.


Be upfront about what you want, Aquarius. On April 19/20, when the new moon solar eclipse highlights your third house of communication, you'll be able to find the perfect words to express your needs to your loved ones. This lunar event will also bring attention to how you ask for help and space. It's essential that you spend time recharging your emotional batteries, if needed, so you can show up for your nearest and dearest.

Then, on June 17, you could find yourself ready to adopt a new attitude toward what you have when your spirituality-ruling planet, Saturn, stations retrograde in your second house of value and possessions. As the ringed planet moves through this house, you'll have the opportunity to reminisce about your favourite things and how they've helped shape you. Learning to let go of items while still hanging on to their memory will allow you to make space for new joy to blossom. 


You're an unconventional thinker, Pisces. And on or around April 19/20, this talent just might lead you to a new source of income. As the sun, which oversees your routines, conjuncts your creativity-ruling moon in your second house of value and possessions, you may be able to drum up some brilliant ideas. Test them out and see what sticks.

Then, on May 5, the lunar eclipse in Scorpio could reveal some imbalances in your current schedule. It's important to remember that there's no shame in taking a step back to refocus. In fact, knowing when you've taken on too much is a marker of self-awareness. Working to eliminate what isn't necessary from your day-to-day will allow you to carve out the breathing room you need. 

Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.


Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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