Your special 2023 astrological love forecast is here

Astrologer Bryanna Collier explains how the skies might affect your approach to sex, love and friendship this year.

Astrologer Bryanna Collier explains how the skies might affect your approach to sex, love and friendship

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This year, the skies will provide us with ample opportunities to reframe our approaches to love and self-respect, encouraging us to become more mindful of how we create meaningful connections with others.

If you've been seeking more magic in your life, that bright romantic spark could finally arrive on March 11, when charming Venus sextiles fiery Mars. Our attraction to one another will be amplified under this influence, making it especially clear who we have chemistry with. Whether single or attached, it will also be a brilliant time to look your best, start great conversations and play the field — so you'll be thanking your lucky stars that this aspect falls on a Saturday. 

On June 17, practical Saturn stations retrograde in empathetic Pisces, forcing us to take greater responsibility for our actions in our relationships. We can also use this transit to reclaim our time and eliminate tasks that steal our focus away from our loved ones. When the ringed planet resumes forward motion on Nov. 4, we'll have a chance to apply these new skills to create healthier boundaries between our personal and professional worlds.

Then, when dreamy Neptune stations retrograde in sensitive Pisces on June 30, we could lose some of our whimsy. However, during the blue planet's backward journey, we're also able to see the world for what it truly is and gain new awareness of what we bring to our relationships. This transit will encourage us to stop making excuses for others, and foster self-respect by removing ourselves from situations that might hinder our emotional growth. 

As temperatures rise this summer, our feelings could start to flounder. On July 22, love-and-beauty-ruling Venus will station retrograde in regal Leo, where she'll reside until Sept. 3. We may feel less spontaneous during Venus's reverse transit in this fixed fire sign, and require more time to warm up to current and potential partners. During Venus retrogrades, past loves are also known to come back into the picture. Be prepared to face any old feelings that may pop up directly, so you can move on with an open heart. 

Read below to see what's in store for your sign for the year ahead.


Take the wheel, Aries. Whether you're single or attached, you'll have to navigate the highs and lows of intense joy and drama over the coming months. Taking a step back to process your emotions will help you return to the table as your best self. On June 5, love-and-money-ruling Venus will make her way into your fifth house of romance, creativity and pleasure, invigorating your imagination and unleashing your flirtatious side. While this may feel thrilling, you'll be wise to slow down and check in on your heart when Venus stations retrograde beginning July 22. This will be an ideal time to reassess your emotional needs and ensure that you're taking care of your energetic spirit. If you feel depleted, try to focus on identifying any behaviours that you'd like to amend. When Venus stations direct in charismatic Leo on Sept. 3, you'll be able to regain your strength and compassion.  


Love is a battlefield, Taurus. But it's one that you're used to, thanks to the pendulum swing of your love-ruling planet, Pluto, which changes direction roughly every six months. On May 1, the planet of transformation will station retrograde in forward-thinking Aquarius while entering your 10th house of influence, reputation and career. During this movement, you could become aware of imbalances in your relationships that are preventing you from achieving your professional goals. If you're partnered, you may find it helpful to consider how your ambitions align. If you're single, this transit could give you a chance to reclaim some power and confidence. When Pluto stations direct in your ninth house of travel, education and philosophy on Oct. 10, singles could find love while on vacation or meet someone who opens their eyes to a whole new reality. Meanwhile, attached Taureans can enjoy exploring new horizons of all kinds with their partner. 


Open up, Gemini. While you tend to carry yourself like a buoyant beam of light, it's important that you don't ignore any emotions that might be simmering below the surface. Finding more authentic ways to express yourself will allow you to create stronger connections with others. On Sept. 4, Jupiter — your love-ruling planet — will station retrograde in affectionate Taurus in your 12th house of secrets, dreams and emotions, and continue in that direction until Dec. 30. During this period, releasing long-held fears and insecurities will help you see what's really possible in your romantic life. Prioritizing the emotions of others and engaging in acts of service could also bring you joy and fulfilment during this time. If you're single, this transit may ultimately inspire you to create a meaningful bond with someone new. Attached Geminis, on the other hand, may finally feel ready to take the intimacy in their relationships to a new level. 


Afraid your love life is getting a little stale, Cancer? Don't fret — everyone craves a dose of intrigue once in a while. You'll have the chance to introduce some adventure into your romantic world when Saturn — your love-ruling planet — enters your ninth house of travel, expansion and philosophy on March 7. If you're in a relationship, this could be a wonderful moment to start planning a much-needed vacation or exploring one of life's more significant questions together. Meanwhile, single Cancers may find themselves gravitating toward people who possess refreshingly high intelligence or quick wit. On June 17, security-loving Saturn will station retrograde in empathetic Pisces, compelling us to create new rules in our relationships. If you can rise to the occasion and learn to leave damaging patterns in the past, you'll be able to come out from this retrograde period with a spirit of tenderness for others. 


There's nothing you can't handle as the king of the zodiac, Leo. The dating world may seem like a bit of a zoo at times, but you'll be feeling confident and capable when the ruling sun illuminates your first house of the self and appearances starting July 22. If you're single, this could be a beautiful time to polish your look so you can put your best foot forward. Just remember to lean on your intuition to guide your heart during this period. On Aug. 28, Uranus — your love-ruling planet — will station retrograde in loyal Taurus in your 10th house of career, public image and influence. When the planet of innovation moves in reverse, he asks us to focus on processing any changes that are happening internally. It's an ideal time to practice self-care and work on untangling your personal and professional lives. Then, by the time Uranus stations direct in Jan. 2024, you'll be ready to forge a new romantic path. 


While you usually have an eye for details, you may have the wool pulled over your eyes when it comes to matters of the heart, Virgo. You'll be able to adopt a clearer view when Neptune — your love-ruling planet — stations retrograde in intuitive Pisces on June 30. The planet of dreams and illusions will move through your seventh house of partnerships, marriage and relationships, revealing some inconsistencies that may require thoughtful action. Make an effort to communicate your expectations to potential and existing partners during this period. This summer, you could find yourself in a no-nonsense mood. Bold Mars will move through your first house of self, appearance and first impressions starting on July 10, encouraging you to be completely clear about how you'd like to fulfil your desires. People will be drawn to your methodical nature — you may even attract those who crave discipline in the bedroom.


You're usually willing to give love a fighting chance, Libra — and this year is no different. Since Jan. 13, Mars — your love-ruling planet — has been moving direct in your ninth house of philosophy, education and travel, challenging you to invite more adventure into your romantic life. Get ready to bask in even more love magic when charming Venus sextiles fiery Mars on March 11 — you'll want to spend this beautiful transit with someone who makes your heart sing. Then on March 25, the warrior planet will make his way into sensitive Cancer, illuminating your 10th house of career, influence and public image, and solidifying your need to be around people who understand your ambitions. You'll be delighted to share your dreams and visions for the future when Mars moves into your eleventh house of friendship and goals on May 20. This is also a beautiful time to mix things up socially and meet new people who share your interests. 


You need someone who matches your energy, Scorpio. And this year, you'll be focused on establishing more balance and mutual respect in your relationships. If you're single, potential lovers could begin to make themselves known when love-ruling Venus in your sixth house of work, habits and responsibility sextiles passionate Mars in your seventh house of partnership and relationships on March 11. Staying on your A-game will make it a day to remember. Meanwhile, attached Scorpios may find that even mundane tasks feel intimate if done together. Then, when Venus stations retrograde in dramatic Leo on July 22, you could start to feel emotionally drained. If you feel too busy — or not yet ready — to let love enter your life, know that it's OK to take your time. You may prefer to pour your energy into your work for the time being, just be sure to communicate this to any partners so you can get on the same page. 


This year, consider how you maintain your happiness in relationships, Sagittarius. Mercury, your love ruler, is the fastest planet in our solar system, which means he speeds through the zodiac so quickly that you only have a few weeks to process the information you glean from each house. You've probably adapted to this, but no matter how dynamic you are, everyone needs moments to stop and breathe. This is where Mercury retrograde comes into play. On April 21, Mercury will begin moving backward in stable Taurus, brightening your sixth house of work, responsibility and health. If you're in a relationship, this could offer opportunities to clarify your physical needs with your partner. Meanwhile, single Sagittarians will benefit from investing time into their wellness routines; while this may not sound romantic, prioritizing self-love is sure to pay off when Mercury goes direct in mid-May, encouraging new connections to blossom. 


Can you harness the power of intention, Capricorn? Whether you're in a relationship or not, considering the phase of your love-ruler, the moon, could help you seize opportunities — and gain some much-needed perspective — this year. The moon is an amazing tool by which you can measure your emotions. For example, when it's full, you may feel effervescent and bright; when it's dark, you could feel contemplative and weary. Taking notice of this can allow you to find the right moments to check in, recharge your emotional batteries, speak your truth and celebrate your joy. On May 19, the moon will begin a new cycle in warmhearted Taurus, offering you the chance to manifest a flirtatious new adventure. Writing down your thoughts could help you attract what you desire. Then, on July 17, partnered Capricorns can work with the new moon in gentle Cancer to spice up their connection and build more trust. 


Your heart shines bright, Aquarius. And since the sun, your love-ruler, spends an equal amount of time in each of the zodiac signs, you're often able to analyze your relationships in an even-tempered way. That cool head will come in handy this year as four eclipses bring changes to your romantic world. The solar eclipse that takes place in courageous Aries on April 20 will highlight your third house of communication and short-distance travel. If you're single, this transit could usher new people into your life unexpectedly through conversation. If you're in a relationship, you may notice your partner working hard to support you and your goals or to satisfy desires you've brought up in the past. Then, on May 5, a lunar eclipse in secretive Scorpio could encourage you to reflect on what you need to leave behind in your relationships, whether that be unrealistic expectations, poor communication or something else entirely. 


Lucky you, Pisces. Your sign's emotional urges have two rulers: the moon, which oversees flirtation, and Mercury, which governs long-lasting love. On Feb. 19 or 20, depending on your time zone, the moon will begin an exciting cycle in your first house of the self and appearances, boosting your confidence and drawing attention your way. Mercury will then station retrograde from April 21 to May 14 or 15, moving through your third house of communication and challenging you to process your thoughts before talking about your feelings. From Aug. 23 to Sept. 15, Mercury will move backward through exacting Virgo and your seventh house of relationships. During this transit, we can be hard on ourselves and others, so exercising patience will be key. The final Mercury retrograde of the year will take place between Dec. 12 or 13 to Jan. 1, 2024, illuminating your eleventh house of friendship. If you find it challenging to mix things up socially when schedules don't line up, take the pressure off by keeping the mood light.

Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.


Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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