Your special fall equinox 2023 horoscope is here

This season, aim high and see what sticks.

This season, aim high and see what sticks

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This summer officially comes to a close on Sept. 23 (or late on the 22nd, for those on the west coast), when the length of the day becomes equal to that of the night. As we mark the fall equinox, we're called to reflect on the events of the past season and prepare for what's to come. The spirit-driving sun will also enter balanced Libra on this day, encouraging us to weigh our options with an open mind and look to our support system for advice on how to move forward. Don't let a tough decision stop you from making progress. 

After weathering multiple retrograde cycles this summer, we'll be in for a shift in energy as the planets resume forward motion this fall, beginning with transformative Pluto on Oct. 10. When Pluto — which governs our relationships to sex, death, power and the subconscious — moves forward in ambitious Capricorn, we'll be given a chance to let go of outdated power structures that no longer serve our highest needs. This is a beautiful opportunity to stand up for what's right — don't underestimate yourself. 

On Oct. 14, a solar eclipse in considerate Libra will inspire us to reflect on our relationships. During this event, we're encouraged to think about how practising self-love might help heal our emotional wounds. This lunation could also reveal unhelpful habits or patterns of thinking that we'll need to shed in order to become better partners in romance, business and friendship. Remember: sometimes we have to do some work on our own before we can truly let others in.

We'll be ready to start thinking strategically when the ego-ruling sun enters resourceful Scorpio on Oct. 23. This astrological season can help us tune in to our inner detective to uncover hidden truths — and access our truest desires. But while we often feel more free to express our passions with intensity during this transit, its shadow side can sometimes manifest itself in selfish or single-minded behaviour. Do your best to avoid getting sidelined by possessiveness, manipulation and jealousy whenever you become aware of it. 

Eclipses always arrive in pairs, and on Oct. 28, we'll experience a lunar eclipse in security-loving Taurus, completing this month's set. This event could bring surprises and positive changes into your world, shifting your attitude toward abundance. Just remember to keep others in mind as you work to build your wealth. It's essential that we avoid letting greed taint our connections to our community during this lunation. 

On Nov. 4, Saturn — the planet of wisdom, structure and discipline — will station direct in intuitive Pisces, ending his retrograde cycle. As the ringed planet moved in reverse over the past four and a half months, we were encouraged to strengthen our self-discipline and create new rules to live by. Now, it's time to see if you can stick to your commitments. Only you have the power to build a reputation that's worth being remembered for. 

Then, when the sun enters compassionate Sagittarius on Nov. 22, a more hopeful atmosphere could start to arise. As the sun passes through this mutable fire sign, we often feel driven to absorb knowledge and gain a broader understanding of our place in the world. It's an ideal time to seek out ways to help people beyond your immediate social sphere. And while it's important that you don't bite off more than you can chew, there's no harm in reaching for the stars during Sagittarius season. Aim high and see what sticks. 

After spending five months confronting harsh realities, you'll be ready to dive back into dreamland when imagination-ruling Neptune stations direct in psychic Pisces on Dec. 6. As the blue planet resumes his forward motion, we're encouraged to nurture our sensitive sides by indulging in music and film, and perhaps even creating some art of our own. Seize this moment to enjoy a little fantasy. Just make sure to keep your feet on the ground, as Neptune's direct motion can tempt us to ignore our responsibilities. 

Finally, when communication-ruling Mercury stations retrograde in pragmatic Capricorn on Dec. 12/13 (depending on your time zone), try not to be too hard on yourself. If you let anxiety or impatience get the best of you, you could end up misreading a situation or getting tangled up in unnecessary drama. Remind yourself that with restraint and compassion, you can overcome any hurdles you might face. The messenger planet will go direct again as we welcome the new year.

Here is your special horoscope for fall 2023.


Itching to begin a new chapter at work, Aries? Try not to simply rush into change; instead, consider how you can leverage your past experiences to map out your next big move. On Nov. 4, Saturn, your career-ruler, will station direct in your 12th house of dreams, secrets and endings, spurring you to really reflect on everything you've accomplished in your professional life thus far. Formulating a path forward could take some time, but with enough patience and preparation, you'll be ready to take on the world. Spend this fall figuring out what makes you happy and how you can harness your skills and interests to truly make an impact. 


Everything is connected, Taurus. And this fall, if you can learn to better appreciate life's little coincidences, you could begin to open yourself up to what lies beyond the physical realm. When Saturn — your travel, education and philosophy–ruling planet — stations direct in your 11th house of friendships and goals on Nov. 4, you're called to embrace a freer way of thinking and the exciting new experiences that come with it. Seize this chance to break out of your comfort zone and seek out stimulating challenges for your mind. Who knows? Expressing your desire for knowledge could even spark a conversation that ends up taking you on the adventure of a lifetime. 


Don't sell yourself short, Gemini. You've got a lot to be proud of in your professional world right now. If it felt as though you were under immense pressure at work this summer, know that it has only helped to forge you into a glittering jewel. So throughout the fall, ensure that you're spending your time and energy in places where your ideas are celebrated and you feel truly valued. You'll be ready to really tap into your creative mind starting Dec. 6, when your career-ruler, Neptune, stations direct in your 10th house of public image and achievements. Harness this moment to chase inspiration and start making things — even if you doubt yourself. 


Have the toils of the physical world been getting you down, Cancer? You may continue to be confronted with some harsh realities as fall kicks off, but you'll be in for a bit of escapism once Neptune — your luck-ruling planet — stations direct in your ninth house of education and beliefs on Dec. 6. When the blue planet moves forward, he'll reveal the beauty in the human experience, helping you see the world through rose-coloured glasses as you focus on enriching your mind. Use this time to cut back on social media and dive into books, art and music that'll enhance your mood. A change of pace could permanently alter your perspective for the better. 


You have the power to make anything seem enticing, Leo. And this autumn, you may even find you're able to trick yourself into loving domestic duties, particularly as Pluto — which governs your home and family life — stations direct in your sixth house of health, work and routines on Oct. 10. Posting your tips and tricks on social media could be a great way to perfect your techniques and make the time go faster. Or, if you're not in the mood to show off to a new audience, perhaps you can dress up your day-to-day activities. Wear a fun outfit to exercise, try out some extravagant recipes and make a game out of your chores. 


Are you ready to have fun again, Virgo? This fall, you're called to unburden yourself of any unnecessary tasks that you've taken on for others. If you can communicate your needs clearly, you'll avoid threatening any of your connections. Then, when your pleasure-seeking planet, Saturn, stations direct in your seventh house of relationships on Nov. 4, you'll have a beautiful opportunity to revitalize your spirit by relaxing, exploring and flirting with the people you love. As you recharge your emotional batteries together, just remember to still express how you really feel. You'll need to ensure you're staying honest with yourself and your loved ones during this time.


Have you been mulling over a major purchase or renovation to your space lately, Libra? You'll be able to find the best path forward this autumn, particularly after Pluto — your money-ruler — stations direct in your fourth house of home, family and foundations on Oct. 10. In fact, this transit is set to arm you with enough self-confidence to tackle almost any challenge you might face in your private sphere — but that doesn't mean you have to go at it alone. By being transparent about any financial concerns you may have with your loved ones, you can easily stay on top of things together. 


You come alive when autumn arrives, Scorpio. The fall season has a way of shining new light on your world, allowing you to glean a great deal of inspiration and knowledge from your immediate surroundings. And starting Oct. 10, when your ruling planet, Pluto, stations direct in your third house of correspondence and neighbours, you're encouraged to emerge from your shell and strike up conversations with like-minded people in your community. This is a wonderful time to make new friends who enjoy your sense of humour and love of play — start up a games night or see what other activities you can try out together. 


What does your dream home look like, Sagittarius? This season, you're encouraged to spend some time really envisioning it. Then, when your domestic-ruling planet, Neptune, stations direct in your fourth house of home and family on Dec. 6, you'll be ready to start making moves. As you decorate, furnish or update your space, try to aim for individuality instead of following the current trends. Keeping yourself on a budget will also force you to flex your creative muscles and could lead to a result that's truly one-of-a-kind. Let the planet of intuition guide you toward a cosy atmosphere that reflects your taste, style and personality. 


You're constantly evolving, Capricorn. And this fall, you'll have a brilliant opportunity to make shifts in how you communicate with the people in your life. On Nov. 4, your ruling planet, Saturn, will station direct in your third house of correspondence and neighbours, encouraging you to experiment with these new strategies for self-expression. Doing so could even help you level up your social game, opening up the door for you to experience the world more fully. Use your newfound confidence to help you sow the seeds of friendship and make a diverse range of connections. 


There's only one you, Aquarius. And this fall, you'll have an opportunity to gain new appreciation for your unique perspective and experiences, particularly when it comes to your work. When Pluto — which oversees your career — stations direct in your 12th house of dreams, secrets and endings on Oct. 10, seize the chance to really reflect on how you've overcome professional hurdles. If you're feeling the itch to break away from your current position, hold on until you've formulated a sturdy plan with trustworthy people. This is an excellent time to weigh all your options, and review what works and what doesn't.


Be gentle with yourself, Pisces. You're a sensitive soul living in an often troubling world, and that can be a tough pill to swallow when your ruling planet, Neptune, is in retrograde, as it will be for much of this fall. On Dec. 6, the blue planet will station direct in your first house of appearances and the self, and you'll be blessed with an optimistic new outlook. Until then, you're called to lean on your intuition to help guide you through difficult matters. Don't hesitate to spend a little extra time caring for yourself, too — it'll only help to improve your mood and uplift your spirit. 


Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.

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