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Despite a delay, thousands gather to see Santa in annual St. John's Christmas parade

Big Stick, wiener dogs and more were featured in the parade after a week-long delay caused by an armed standoff

Without more volunteers, this fire department fears it won't be able to respond to emergencies

The Cartwright fire department has issued an urgent plea for volunteers because it's worried it won't have enough people to respond to an emergency.

'Small is all': A simple approach to helping people heal in the Big Land

CBC Radio's The Signal spent a few days in the Big Land speaking with the folks at Mokami Status of Woman in Happy Valley-Goose Bay about how small acts of empathy and kindness are creating big changes in the lives of people that use the organizations services.

The world's biggest iceberg is on the move. What does that mean for sea levels?

Warming ocean temperatures are causing historically icy land masses to break off. Climate scientist David Holland says if massive bergs continue to flood our oceans, sea levels will rise dangerously high.

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