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A quick core workout that will make your abs quiver

No equipment needed for this intense ab circuit from personal trainer Eunice.

No equipment needed for this intense ab circuit from personal trainer Eunice

side by side images of personal trainer Eunice in an outdoor space with concrete on the ground. left: she's laying on an exercise mat, doing a sit up with legs bent and arms crossed. right: she's standing with her arms crossed, looking to camera.

Looking to give your core some extra love?

In this video, personal trainer Eunice will lead you through an intense abdominal circuit that you can try anytime, anywhere. Each exercise will activate your whole body, though you'll feel the quivers build up in your core almost immediately. No equipment is needed other than an optional mat, so just use whatever's accessible to you. And if you're still fired up for more, you can pair this sweat sesh with a full-body circuit from Eunice, then cool down with some simple stretches.  

Watch Eunice's full shredded core demo, then scroll down for a breakdown of the routine.

Full routine:

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds or 12 reps, taking 20 seconds to rest in between.

  • Knee tuck crunches
  • High plank to spider crunches to low plank
  • Leg lift hold
  • Single leg crunch to leg raise (left side)
  • Single leg crunch to leg raise (right side)

Repeat the entire circuit three times. 

Add some “good” to your morning and evening.

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